Time to start rockin’

Lucky lucky lucky! I decided today I was going to get organised and start my knitting blog. The bell rang just after I’d chosen the blog name, and lo and behold, Christmas has come early! The postman handed me a box, and I spied ‘Blue Moon Fiber Arts” on the label. I had ordered some STR yarn and can’t remember why, but for some reason called in my order. Lucky for me we got chatting about the Rockin’ Sock Club, and I was told there was room for me in the RSC as they had slightly overordered this year. PUT ME DOWN SISTER! I screamed! Okay, I didn’t scream, and I didn’t call the lovely lady on the phone my sister, I asked politely please could I join (but inside I was screaming it!). So the box either contained my STR yarn, or the RSC first instalment.

Opening up the box, I found the RSC folder I’d seen on other’s blogs. Yipppeee!! There is a badge, a NSK sticker, the monsoon mediumweight, some emergency yarn and a little 10% off coupon. I just checked my needles, and I don’t have any small enough! My smallest is 2.5mm. Hmmm. will need to rectify this shortly….a trip to Loop, not my LYS but near a friend I’ll be seeing on Thursday so that night it will be my LYS!

So the emergency yarn – is that for swatching or really for emergency?

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