Fickle Cupid

I’ve abandoned the Kureyon sock for the time being until I figure out how I want to knit it. It’s just not coming together. But on a brighter note, I wound the RSC Monsoon skein into two centre pull balls. The whole thing weighed 163g, and somehow split it became 80g and 78g (?). I was careful to compare the starting colours and snipped where they matched. I only have US1.5 needles (2.5mm) so am making do and seeing how they come out. The gauge was fine (I am a tight knitter) so hopefully it will all be fine.

The colours on my swatch were gorgeous – shimmering greens and browns, like a summer storm. I almost don’t want to knit the yarn it’s so pretty. But cast on I did, and am currently doing a wrap and turn provisional cast on short row toe only wrapping instead of YO (I learned from Sundara the short row yarn over toe and heel). I am in love.

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