Rockin’ up a monsoon

David helped me wind my balls into two while watcing Miss Sunshine on Friday, and I started on the Monsoon Inside Out Socks from RSC. The toe looks cool, and striped beautifully. The colours totally evoke a monsoon – all colours of the ocean and forests with shimmering sun peeking through the clouds. Amazing. The ribbing has a fat stripe of colour splashed across and spiralling lazily up the foot. Again the colours make me think of the ocean, and mud, and cool mist. I am not enjoying my dpns (very nice bamboo from crystal palace). I can’t wait to get my Knit Picks Options and use the magic loop. Much nicer to knit with! The yarn is nice and spongy, and feels cozy round the foot.

Saturday did a few inches on the foot, and Sunday managed to get further up the foot. I figure I should be turning the heel tonight, and hopefully starting the next sock Easter weekend. So far this is great fun, and though the ribs are a little boring, the colour helps keep the interest. I really look forward to seeing the stripe climb up the foot. Makes each round worthwhile.

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