Ribbit ribbit

Achso. Und so weiter. Just popped by Ute’s blog to check out her finished Monsoon socks. Very cool – she changed the heel from a short row to a- I guess a German heel!

Yesterday trying on my socks, I broke not one, but two of my bamboo DPNs. I also couldn’t get the sock around my heel and up the ankle – too tight. I had gotten past round 20 on the cable pattern, and was left with 3 dpns. I had been waiting to pick up my Knit Picks Options set next weekend, but with the broken DPNs the thought of the next two weeks sans Monsoon made a quick trip to a local LYS to get some Addi turbos a total must. I managed to nab the last 2.5mm turbos (80cm) and for good measure got the 3mm and the 2mm as well. Good thing too, as I frogged the sock back to the heel, and reknit the cables on 3mm, so now it goes nicely over my heel up to the ankle. I must be one tight knitter as I got gauge on 2.5mm whereas the recommended needle was 2mm! Tightly wound or what.

The stripe is looking cool – the cable pattern bit has a narrow slash of colour spiralling up. So tired now – really want to sleep, but also want to knit. Knitting and sleeping sadly are totally mutually exclusive activities. I think will knit a bit more than go to bed!

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