Done! Finished my IOMs this morning. Used the EZ bind off (not really thrilled with it – I’ll have to learn the kitchener bind off for non standard 1X1 rib). Still, love my socks. They are a bit snug going over the heel.

RSC Inside Out Monsoon Socks

(Deuce is the joker pug in the corner trying to get in the photo)

Pattern: RSC

Needles: Addi Turbo 80cm 2.5mm and 3 mm


If I knit these again, I would use 2mm on the toe and heel and foot. Or even smaller as there is a good amount of give. I also wouldn’t do the cables on such a small needle. I would use 3.25 or even 3.75 as it is snug, and the cables have little give. I would use a different bind off, something like the kitchener bind off to match the ribbing.
All in all I really enjoyed knitting these. Almost obsessively. Ok ok, obsessively. I liked watching the colours stripe up the sock. Might have been a bit boring otherwise. The cable was easy to remember, which made knitting it up a pleasure and compatible with sitting in a car, watching tv, chatting etc.

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