Guilt is a great motivator

So I was feeling kind of guilty for neglecting the grasshopper and so gleefully embracing pomatomus. So I worked on it a bit more last night, before bed. It’s looking good, and I flipped it around and look inside. The inside is just as pretty!! Very jewel like.

Here is my pomatomus – it’s really coming along. I messed up on the sl2, k3tog tbl on the second repeat of the chart. Not quite sure how to do that – i think it’s sl2 knitwise, put back on left needle, then knit 3 through the back, there by knitting 2 normally (not twisted) and having the third twisted. I don’t think I did that right.

I really love the RSC because it makes this big ol’ world so wee – will be meeting up with C at the Liberty’s art cafe this Thursday, and hopefully J too. Questions from comments: Megan -When were you in London? And have you got your package yet?? I also noticed lots of the RSC members are also part of Sockapalooza 4 – have you got your secret pal yet? How funny would that be if you were mine! 🙂 Anyways, looking forward to reading up/blogstalking my SP and finding out their preferences likes dislikes!

Okay, gotta sign off and get to work!

3 thoughts on “Guilt is a great motivator

  1. hello! i found you through RSC and sockapalooza. your pomatomus look great! it took me forever to finish mine.

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