Well good news from the doctor’s today – they thought I might be diabetic (some dodgy glucose levels in some blood tests) but it turns out it was just cause I had had a big lunch. Whew! Still working on my pomatomus, and grasshoppers though my ADD has gotten a bit worse and I went off and cast on and knit up a slipper sock in some manos del uruguay. Sort of playing around with toe ups, gussets and cables and seeing how they come out. Will tweak it a bit over the next couple of days.

Going through my stash, I realise I have a bad case of ADD. On the needles, I have:
1. pomatomus socks
2. RSC grasshoppers
3. Polka dot poncho for my goddaughter
4. Wavy poncho (from Debbie Bliss family knits)
5. Otto the Owl from Lucinda Guy

In the stash I have:
1. Mista Alpaca yarn for and pattern for Lettuce Knit’s C4 Cardigan.
2. Knit Picks yarn in steel grey and pattern for Flicca from Amelia. I have no idea how I found it, I surfed and there she was.
3. Noro Yarn for the Iro bag. I blame Sundara for being the enabler here. I joined her sock club for the second half of this year… waiting for the first shipment which is going out…sheesh. I can’t remember! Sigh. I’ll have to go order some of her yarn. The stuff people make with it is BEeeooootiful.

I’m making a list for the side bar – i can cross things off as they get done, and hopefully it will help me focus!

2 thoughts on “ADD

  1. Hi Alice! We will definitely be doing more Secret Pal swaps. This round doesn’t end until the last day of June so we’ll start making plans probably around the end of this month for SP11. The best thing to do is keep an eye on the current SP blog ( for info. 🙂

  2. Hey don’t feel bad I think we all have all kinds of projects going either literally or in our minds of what we want to do. I see from the comment before me that you are looking into ssp. I would love to do that to if you find out anything will you let me know? ( or lauraDOTsahmiamATgmailDOTcom

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