Knitting circles

Went to the Liberty Art Bar knit in tonight. How civilised! Tea and scones among a dozen knitters. J came and I met Charlie also from the RSC. The knitting world is a little village – J knew Sue from a previous fibre holiday, Charlie knew Sue indirectly through a fibre artist’s studio they both frequent, there were a number of people J had come across through her knitterly pursuits – it was fun. Everyone ooo’d and ahhh’d over each other’s projects. It was great. I will be going again!

Meanwhile progress on the grasshoppers – but i dropped a stitch. poo, had to frog a good half inch. but no matter. onwards and forwards!

Meanwhile I thought i had found a pattern for my sockapalooza pal – the mad dancing socks – barbara walker’s second treasury tilting ladders, but it turns out my sock pal is in the sock madness thing and will already have the pattern! and she is a prolific and very good knitter! sigh. back to the drawing board! I want to knit her something she won’t have. I’m getting the BW first treasury in a couple of weeks. Hopefully there will be a nice funky pattern in there I can use.

One thought on “Knitting circles

  1. Lovely to catch up with you again – and to see so many old friends – you are right – knitting does turn London into a village! Best of all, my RSC yarn was waiting for me at the Post Office – no search necesary!

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