Ding Dong!

Oh ho! I have had a stroke of genius. In fact, am really pleased with myself. I had thought of doing the tilting ladders as a sock for my sockapalooza pal, but seeing as she’s part of the sock madness crew, she’ll have already knit the thing. She’s pretty much knit everything I was thinking of knitting for her – Pomatomus, Monkey, a slew of other Cookie A patterns, the Sockmadness stuff, goodness knows what else. Her list of knitted is long. Her list of to knit is also long! She’s a toughie…. so the only solution?? An Original Missmalice pattern!

So I looked around. One of the girls on the Sockapalooza4 blog linked to Elfine socks, pictured here. So I checked them out on Amelia’s blog. Then I got to thinking…. I like the leaves, but not the formation. Too angular. I like flowing organic forms…. one thing led me to another, and I have it. The lace. It is beautiful and flowing. And I have not seen it in socks yet.

So will make it an Original Missmalice….. Ok ok technically it won’t really be original – it is based on a traditional lace handed down through generations, but I haven’t seen it in a sock yet so I hope she’ll like it!

[Ed. – I forgot this was all supposed to be a surprise!! so took out the specific references. All will be revealed in the fullness of time… or panic scramble at the end to make the 2 Aug deadline!]

5 thoughts on “Ding Dong!

  1. ooh well done you, everyone has a pattern except me, I just can’t choose! and poor you not having heard from your pal; well if they don’t get in touch I’ll be your pal (not very secret) in thanks for the fab knit picks set. I just can’t stop knitting!!!

  2. Oooh, what fun! I can’t wait to see them. I wish that I was your pal, but that description SO does not fit me! Mostly stockinette socks and letting the yarn do it’s beautiful thing around these parts.

  3. What could be more fun? Post pictures as you go, please. The swap is so large that all of us are adding to our “must knit” lists and probably wouldn’t recognize something for us if it bit.

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