Grasshoppers…. amphibious nature..

I’ve been looking at my grasshopper (only one) and thinking… should I rip, or not? To rip or not to rip – that’s the question. whether tis nobler in the craft to suffer the slings and arrows of mispurling, or in taking yarn – frog it. Difficult…. I also tried it on – it’s a tad tight, even with the lace. Sigh. I’ve put it aside for now and am concentrating on the pomotamus. meanwhile, I’ve managed to get my grubby paws on some Addi Turbo lace – in the 40″! Called the Knitting Room in Calgary – they seemed to have loads in stock.

Yes – Willowluna, I promise to post a piccie when I finish the sockapalooza 4 socks! I am really excited to cast on… but I must finish my pomatomus first!

And i have a special shout out to UK readers who want Knit Picks in the UK – it might be happening!! but i will need 14 more people who want some SEX (stash enrichment xpedition). Yoshimi – you’re down, me, I’m down – any others? Email me for details! missmaliceknits AT gmail DOT com

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