knit faster!

Got a happy package from my uncle today – my mom sent with him some of the fabulous addi lace turbos i managed to track down in Calgary at the Knitting Room.

I am not convinced I am going to knit all that faster, but picking up those pesky little stitches will be rather alot easier with the pointy tips. The cable is no where near as flexible as the Knit picks, but as these are 47″ babies, knitting 2 socks at the same time magic loop is a goer.

Grasshopper still on the rocks… it’s sitting on my table ready to leap into the frog pond. Still debating – will try them out on my new addi lace (yay!) once they are off the popsicle socks. Oh i know I know. I already have the pomatomus

which I am happy with. These are my on the tube socks since the pattern is an easy one to remember. But this weekend I have been a woman possessed and could NOT stop thinking about the tilting ladders pattern and knitting up the socks. Up at 6 am on Sat and the first thing I thought of was how many stitches I need to make the pattern work. Aiya. I toyed with knitting up the heavy or lightweight STR that I’ve got stashed away, but then thought the jitterbug weight was better. So I went with popsicle, rather than gauguin which I think I am saving for the Palooza4 socks. The ppsicle colours are a little brighter than what I’d have normally chosen (the colourway picture on the sight obviously didn’t translate well on my laptop), but I am loving the pattern so much I am not that bothered. Not too sure about this yarn – it’s knitting up a little stiff. I will decide on whether I use it for Palooza after I’ve blocked (I need some sock blockers – love the wood ones, any suggestions on where to get these?) I have to say I really loved the cherry tree hill yarn – very squishy. Will have to get more!

I also finally cast on for my C4 cardigan. It’s in misti alpaca baby chunky, in fuschia. It’s a top down construction, so you’re seeing the neck down bit here. the colour didn’t come out that well here (inside with flash) but it is a gorgeous hot pink colour. Soft. So soft!!

Oh and postscript re the italian yarn shop I visited – BG shop was cute, very little, overlooking the river, but I was really surprised at the lack of fun and exciting yarn. Alot of synths, acrylic and furry yarn, she had like 2 types of wool sock yarn. It was a little weird, I had thought Italy would be chock full of all the amazing designer stuff. It’s unfair to make the sweeping generalisation I am about to make, but so far, IMHO, or rather more like obnoxious opinion, Canadian & American yarn rocks. Totally and absolutely.

4 thoughts on “knit faster!

  1. I think it’s safe to say that Canada has the top spot when it comes to beautiful sock yarns! I like a lot of the German brands but they are more utilitarian, much less lovely than the squishy Canadian handpaints.[sockpal]

  2. I love the colours in Colinette Jitterbug, the “Fire”, “Popsicle”, and “Gaugin” colourways are my favourite.

  3. Sorry for the mass of comments. I just remembered the sock blockers you mentioned.I recommend the ones you can get at the following (in the UK) (in Canada) (in USA) (in USA)All four sites ship worldwide. I like the ones at getknitted becuase they’re a plastic material that won’t snag socks or get warped when wet. There is only a small chance of this with the wooden ones I’m told.The Loopy Ewe sells really cute red plastic sock blockers as well as nice wooden ones. The wooden ones are, as far as I can tell, the same kind that Pick Up Sticks sells.Both Sheri at the Loopy Ewe and Connie at Pick Up Sticks offer FANTASTIC service and are really friendly. The ones at Chappy’s Fibre Arts ship worldwide and you can get cool designs in them like a yarn with needles, a martini glass, a sheep, a hedgehog, different dog breeds, cats, etc. Those are very nice.I hope that helps!

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