Scrumptious Sock Yarn

So what is your favourite sock yarn, and why? So far am loving STR, because of the colours and the tight 3ply spin. And also Cherry Tree Hill — very soft and smooshy. all opinions welcome!

8 thoughts on “Scrumptious Sock Yarn

  1. oooh, where to start, I love the natural dye studio, and I’m quite taken with trecking (the plain that i cn dye, as I’m not soo keen on speckled yarn) oooh and the regia bamboo is to die for! Of course my absolute fave is the yarn that I spin! what else

  2. My favourite sock yarn is STR and Koigu. I love the tight squishy spin. But there is other sock yarn I’ve only dreamt of that I’d like to try.Can I ask, did you get your KnitPicks needles when you lived in Canada or did you do one of those fancy things where your family back in Canada sent them out to you here in London?My family is incapable of sending parcels so I was just wondering.

  3. Hmmm..that’s tough. I have Cherry Tree Hill and STR in my stash, but haven’t knit with either yet. I like Trekking because I’m always pleasantly surprised with the way it knits up. Oh, and Fleece Artist because of its squishyness.

  4. Of course STR, But I really like Duets ( is one of my favorites right now. I just got some Louet and Claudia (they feel lovely), which I am anxious to try, I also really want to try Yarn Pirate, and I am waiting on some Irish Baby Knits. I could keep going…

  5. Hmmm very torn…here goes!STR – good texture and coloursApple Pie by Apple Laine – merino, silk and mohair – what’s not to like?Mountain Colors Bearfoot – soft, fuzzy and warm in fabulous coloursYarn Yard – matching handpaints and solids give lots of room for creativityClaudia Handpaint – all round lovelinessSunbeam St Ives – good old British workhorse of a yarn in gorgeous subtle heathered shadesSheldridge Farms – more lovely heathered stuffI have conditional love for CTH (unreliable colourfastness) and Koigu (too many shades resemble chopped clown)I could go on…

  6. I’m a regia/opal solids kinda girl. They’re not as soft as Lorna’s, STR, or Koigu but they last much longer!

  7. Your sockpal likes: Regia solids, Lorna’s, Claudia Handpaint, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Sundara, but has knit more Koigu socks than all of those combined. There are other brands in the stash (Liisu, CTH, Lang JaWoll) that are not yet knit… I wonder which yarn will become socks for YOU!

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