Knitter knatter

Weekend has literally flown by. Friday I had the day off, and spent the morning with my goddaughter Sophia and her mom Barb at TT- a toddler music class. Fascinating stuff, like being in a live studio audience for Peter Paul and Mary or some other children’s tv show. Totally choreographed, three leaders of the class sang and danced and acted their way through the hour. Amazing voices, and very upbeat. Sophia cried – I think it was a little too upbeat for her tastes!

Meanwhile work continues on my tilting ladders sock – piccies in a day or so when I can set the camera up and download. I’m not happy with the colours – too much for the pattern, it all gets lost. But still, I knit. I really like the pattern. Will have to try it on a colourway with less distinctly different colours. I have also been playing around with the pattern of my Sockapalooza sock pal socks. Gauguin in Jitterbug was too variegated – lost the pattern. Same with STR Chapman springs. I am going to try dying my own, see if that will help. I need a subtle somewhat solid colour…. I am so glad we have until August!! I’ve started the C4 cardi and have knitted a few rows, and also spinning away at the BFL to see if i can make some sock yarn. I have about 50g left to spin, then will ply.

Thanks for all the sock yarn suggestions – lots of them I have never heard of before (Mountain Colours for example) and sound fab. Can’t wait to head over to NYC in the fall and hit the wool fest. I hope some of them will also be at the big knitting exhibition at Ally Pally this fall.

Friends came in from Holland last week, so we spent the afternoon today in the gardens hanging out. Perfect timing – headed out and the sun peeked out for our short stay outside.

Now back to the work week! Have been burning the candle at both ends -so off to get some shut eye.

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