Cupcakes and packages

Returned home today to find my favourite kind of post – ok, second favourite kind of post – a “Sorry you were out card” from Royal Mail. I have a package!! Wheee! But I know not what it is… is it the cashmere cone I got from Colourmart… or the sample cards I ordered from Fleece Artist? Or Cherry Tree Hill? Or Shelridge Farm? oooh so exciting.

I plied some of the spindle spun merino (oops, not BFL as I had thought. My lawyerly (lack of) attention to detail never ceases to astound me). It’s only 26 grams, but I love the way it looks. Washed it last night to set the twist, and dried it over the bath. I think a proper spinning wheel is on the cards for me – I am crap at resisting temptation, and it’s just too damn slow on a spindle. 26 grams!! And though Knitty’s Handy Plying is fab, it’s also slow and not all that fun.

I believe my pup Deuce is also quite keen on the yarn – but not for knitting. He loves yarn too – chewing and running around with it. I worry when he starts to stare intently at my hard won stash… STR seems to be a favourite of his…

Also the Hummingbird Bakery is opening up an outpost near the tube – I foresee stops in the morning to pick up cupcakes and cookies, and stop for coffee (though am very spoiled as my df always makes me latte in the morning… home brewed is so much nicer than store bought)…

7 thoughts on “Cupcakes and packages

  1. Your spinning looks fab! If you really want a wheel, you might want to check out woolfest at the end of june. we could meet up for coffee & yarn drooling if you decide to go 🙂

  2. Yoshimi! I’ve already booked my rooms for the woolfest! Will you be there? It would be so awesome to meet up. Coffee and yarn drooling for sure! And the little black joker will be in tow.

  3. Deuce is gorgeous!Spinning is something I just can’t seem to get the hang of so I’m totally in awe of anybody who can, go for it!

  4. Great spinning – you really need a wheel! I’ll be at Woolfest too with a couple of friends – I’ll be drooling over roving!

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