Frogs frogs all over

Been working on my sockapalooza sock. The pattern is pretty, but I can’t quite get the edging down… have frogged the bottom of the sock 3 times now. I’ll figure it out and post some piccies on progress. Will be asking for your suggestions on yarn & colour! Am currently using a variegated yarn, fairgrounds by STR, but don’t think the variations in colour aresubtle enough.

Oooh Woolfest. This’ll be fun -can’t wait to see Jane & Yoshimi there. I feel sorry for my poor wallet already!

I had yesterday off, since my friend E was in town. Met her for breakfast at the Pain Quotidienne on the Marylebone Road (I think it is a US chain). A lurcher named Connie was at the next table over. I had Deuce with me, as had to take Deuce to the vet for a follow up on his eye (he had scratched it on the weekend), so he tried to make friends with Connie, who was, oh, 6 times his height! She totally ignored him. His vet appt went a-ok. Vet says he has allergies, which would explain his sneezing.

Dropped Deuce off at home as Cleone his walker was coming round to pick him up at noon for an afternoon in the park, I ran into town to run some errands, then met up with my friend again for afternoon tea (well, more like a late lunch) at Liberty’s. The Art Bar Cafe is closed for renovations (poo! the last knit meet up I went to was there and it was really nice). We stumbled across another of their cafes called Tea on the way out, so had a breather and a snack, before she headed back to pack for her evening flight.

I picked up my pressie from the post office, and it was my yarn from Colourmart – two cones of cashmere. A pink and red twist 4 ply, and a cream coloured 4 ply perfect for dying. I thought the 4 ply would be perfect for socks… turns out it is rather alot thinner than I thought. I’ll knit up a swatch tonight and see how it goes – my smallest needles are 2mm. I’m not convinced they are small enough!

Df was out on his ‘Budget Dining Society’ night – which started out with the £10 for two courses specials you get in the paper, but all pretense at ‘budget’ has now gone out the window and it is really just an excuse for his friends to get together drink alot and go out for a nice meal somewhere. It meant I had a night in with my favourite little man (ok, pug) and some catching up on TV. Watched Volver, some Scrubs and Ugly Betty. Oh and a bit of Notting Hill which was on Film4. And knit, and frogged, and knit and frogged! Hopefully not so much frogging tonight.

Long weekend coming up – Monday is a holiday here. Df and I are heading to Henley to check out wedding venues for next May. I think we found a great place for the ceremony, gonna go check it out on Saturday, then take a friend’s pug out in the afternoon for some time in the park with Deuce (she’s at a wedding all day and all night). Haha and I have more knitting time!!!

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