Jerky Jerkmakers

Ah today has been a long day. I am glad it is almost over. No knitting today…. not yet at least. Maybe a little before bed. Been working on the C4 cardi over the weekend – and it is coming along. this one is a top down raglan sleeve construction, and boy is it ever neat to be able to try something on as it is being knit. Good style to try out on a bolero or short jacket/shrug thingie.

Weekend was really nice. Saturday afternoon we have friends visiting from Holland, then pug sat Max – a friend’s fawn pug. Sunday we ate ourselves stupid at a great restaurant in Putney called the Pheonix. Yummy! Monday a friend fed us lunch, and of course we ate ourselves stupid, and then played some drunk scrabble. Then back to work today – what a shocker!

Got yelled at by a guy feeling frustrated that his project has sat with legal for 5 weeks – my colleague sat on it for 3, then passed it to me with minimal information. Basically dropped me in it but neglected to tell me. Nice. Doubly mad – I wanted to meet Laura as it was her bday drinks but instead ended up doing damage control for the joker who was such a jerk to me.

So belated birthday wishes Laura, and apologies for missing out!!

On a happier note, I believe the Knit Picks parcels should be shipping shortly. The whole thing was held up by one participant who went AWOL. Since I’ve had no response despite a number of emails asking to get in touch, including on her blog, we have just had to go ahead without her. It just wasn’t fair to keep delaying everyone else’s parcels. Still, I hope she managed to get her order in today – I saw she updated her blog so hopefully got my messages.

More fun news – DF and I have settled on a wedding venue – ol’ stomping grounds for me, Banff, Canada. Can’t wait. It will be cold and crisp (living in London I really miss the cold crisp winters), but not too cold!! I also found a lady who will help me make my invites, which will be fun too. What they are going to be is under wraps! But when they are all done and mailed out I’ll post some piccies!!

Now more questions for you my dears – if you could choose what stock is being carried in your dream knitting store – what would you choose? And what would make it your dream store? (haha these questions are going somewhere, I promise!!)

6 thoughts on “Jerky Jerkmakers

  1. I would choose all the Rowan yarns, if I had to choose only one brand, and what would really make it best would be if Rowan had washable SOCK yarn. The shop would have to have lots of cozy places to sit and knit without being too crowded and it would have to have free wi-fi. Absolutely.Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  2. Thank you! I am feeling rather rough this morning…might be something to do with the shot of tequila I had before I left the pub last night…Shame you couldn’t make it, but we will meet up for knitting soon – perhaps an I Knit evening?

  3. Oh I nearly forgot – I would like to have lots of sock yarn in my dream knitting store. Good sturdy brands like Opal and Trekking, and luxurious like Koigu.

  4. OOOh wedding venues, I had such fun picking mine! Now dream yarn store, I wouldn’t have any brand yarns, cos I can get them anywhere, so I would want somewhere where everytime I went in (which would be daily) there would be new things to play with, beautiful decorative needles, handpainted yarns, accessories, bags etc, There would be squishy sofas, that I could put my feet up on without feeling guilty, and charity projects to just pick up and work on, in case I forget my needles or have knitters block. oh, now I’m sad that it doesn’t exist!

  5. Thanks for the update re KP I suspected it was something like that. Congratulations on your wedding to be, sounds very exciting.Yarn shop: Mmmm my favourite has to be Moon Dance which I had the pleasure to visit a few years ago. Comfortable sofas, roaring fire on a cold wet day with a fantastic selection of yarns that I had only seen on the web before. So it’d have to be sock yarns but more than just Opal & Regia, some pure wool in beautiful colours suitable for felting & a good range of Designer Yarns with a bit of superwash stuff for those who knit for kids etc. A big table with browse through pattern books to give you inspiration & I also like to see yarns knitted up into either garments if possible or at least swatches so you can get a better idea of what sort of fabric it creates. Plus a shop that offered lessons & problem solving would be even better. I know that there are a few shops in London that now come close to this but I’m a long way from them & it’s a yarn desert here 😦

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