Sockapalooza yarn!

I have finally found the yarn for my sock pal – I hope it will go nicely with the pattern! I thought it would be apt, given that I am Canadian to use a Canadian yarn (and also to support Canadian industry!!).

It is a very pretty yarn, the photo makes it a little washed out. it’s quite a lively colour. I hope she likes it!!

My little pug – he was very excited by the yarn, and attempted to steal it for his own evil ends. Happily I managed to steer him away from the yarn by luring him with his dinner. A pug and his dinner shall never be parted! He is a total piggy.

Took this a couple weeks ago – this is how he sleeps. And boy does he love that ducky! I swear this photo is not posed. He really was sleeping like that.

This is today – in his little cone (he damaged his eye). Staring longingly up at his dinner bowl which is on the counter, fervently wishing for food to magically appear.

5 thoughts on “Sockapalooza yarn!

  1. Good dog for leaving the yarn alone. My neighbour’s black cats visit me quite often – until I found one eating roving! Must have still smelt a bit of sheep….

  2. AWWW, such a cute dog! My little dog, a terrier mix, sleeps with this big giant pink pig – the latest in a long line of gigantic stuffed animals that are his constant companions. They are too funny.

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