Home sweet home

Good news this morning, picking up the little one tonight. Going to an iknit meet up for a swift one, then on a train to cambridge to pick up the little one. Yay!

We also put an offer in on the flat with great garden on the edge of the great abyss which was accepted!! Am super pleased. It's all very exciting but we're not out of the woods yet. Need to nail down buyer, exchange with them and exchange with the sellers… Oh such a complicated dance. We've got the surveyor instructed for a full structural, so at least we will have confirmed it's structural stability.

Am very much looking forward to a drink with the iknit & SEAL'D group!

Good news and socks galore!

Puglet will be coming home soon. His eye has only a small dot left, and looks like thurs may be the day! Yay!

Meanwhile in househunting news, we found a place last night both of us like. That in itself is a huge feat as df and I are known affectionately by our friends as "the bickersons". Says it all!

Very nice two bed, central, garden, quiet, secure… Only drawback is there is a huge and deep abyss through which the tube goes rumbing by every 5 minutes or so to the north side of the house and garden… Certainly makes for a secure garden as you'd have to be spiderman to get across. Even so, the area is good and the price reflects the blemish. Will wait to hear back from the agent tomorrow.

Blueadt- thanks for the freecycle tip. Will certainly be using them! I also tried out Sage- totally awesome!! My fave rss by far.

Have now cast on the second sockapalooza sock, received confirmation of the rockin sock club june mailing, and of the sundara petals collection sock club. Socks socks everywhere!


Deuce still in Cambridge, and they want to keep him for another few days. His ulcer has kind of hovered at the same stage since fri, and they won't discharge him yet. 😦

Take care of your pennies…

We finally managed to take our big jar of pennies to Sainsbury’s today and get them exchanged for proper notes.
We had a big jar and a little jar, which I’ve kept for a few years now. David and I wagered how much was in the jars – I said £10, David guessed £15. The machine counted £43. In pennies, five pence, ten pence and twenty pence coins. I am going to scrounge around for more change! 🙂

Another call from the vet’s – Deuce still not ready to come home. They want to keep him another couple of days. I wonder whether we will just end up picking him up on our way to Woolfest? It is the longest he has spent away from us so far. We are going to Canada in July… that will be 10 days. It’s now been 7 days. Sigh. It’s empty in our little flat without him.

One down!!

I’ve finished one of my sockapalooza socks. I’m really pleased with it – I really like the pattern, and the colours are just divine (Shelridge farm, dahhhling!)

My computer is now up and running, though we need to sort out how to use it as both our tv and monitor. Hmmm. Might be a bit difficult. Will need to get creative with my old laptop monitor…

Meanwhile… thought I would share some of the cool stuff I’ve been playing with from a techie point of view.

Blackberry – http://www.virtualreach.com has a great program for the blackberry called viigo, which basically is an rss reader. So I pop in all the rss feeds from the blogs I read and I can catch up on the blogosphere on the go. It’s cool. Not quite real time but close enough. It’s awesome being able to sit on the tube and catch up on everyone’s blogs! Downside is it doesn’t download piccies beforehand, but it will when it is on the network.

RSS readers – I used google.com/reader for a while, but found that it wouldn’t recognise some feeds (like Yoshimiknits) but bloglines.com seems to work fine. What do you all use to read? I wish there was something that had all the comments automatically in the reader, viigo is good in that respect, it will open up the full post when in network contact.

I also finally got a chance to download some Lime & Violet podcasts. Erqsome, I’m going to need your help. I visited some of the pod listings on your site – but could not figure out how to listen to them! Sigh sometimes I really feel technologically impaired.

Ahhh tomorrow is Sunday. Yay! Got a call this morning from the vet’s, they don’t want to discharge Deuce. Am missing him, but I guess it is better this way. They think he is doing really well, but his eye still isn’t all better. Maybe Mon or Tues they said. Fingers and toes crossed. Thanks for all your well wishes! I am sure Deuce would give you each lots of frantic slobberly kisses.

Back online… And off again…

Sigh. It was all going so well. Finally got my new computer. Online, installing happily away, then no connection! Poo. It's lovely, huge screen. With a camera! So mom we can do a web video chat!!

Week has been good. Deuce's progress reports continue to be good. I call the clinic every morning and they have had good news. He is steadily improving, but he is still in Cambridge. I miss him! From the nurse's tone I suspect he won't be home much before Tuesday.

We've been making use of the time, on tues we went and saw three flats. One large two bed maisonette in notting hill.. David hated it. A great 3 bed just off ken church street, but a little steep both in price and height.. Three floors up no lift. No outdoor space either. Last one nearer to us but tiny rooms. No go. We made an offer on the three bed, but the agent called us and told us someone else bid over the asking price (what we offered) so we said forget it.

On wed we had dinner with an old family friend. Well, I had dinner as david had some deal at work go papajohn. David managed to catch us after and we had tea at ours.

Last night we caught Ocean's 13, amusing if disjointed.

And today we saw two flats, one that wasn't very nice, and another that is very nice, but will require a fair bit of work to bring it up to scratch. It is a great flat. Not too sure though. Two again tomorrow morning.

Almost done my sockapalooza socks.. I am excited, they look neat. Will post piccies tomorrow!

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Home Alone

Drove up to Kentford, home of the Animal Health Trust. The actual drive sucked, I took a wrong turn, then the M11 was crawling at a snail's pace, then stupid navlady (gps) sent me in circles. Finally arrived to a beautiful clinic set in woods, with some beautiful tudor buildings. Very modern and hi tech- nicer than most od the human hospitlas I've been to.

Deuce has a bad ulcer on his eye-bad enough for a stern word that it would not be good to take him home. They admitted him for some intensive treatment. A cocktail of antibiotics painkillers and something called "serum" made of Deuce's blood to help avoid corneal meltdown administered every hour for the next few days. I didn't ask for too much detail about the meltdown as that sounded way too scary. I came totally unprepared for this, and the fear factor involved-if the eye doesn't respond they have to do a graft to prevent deterioration and then perforation of the ulcer which would in turn lead to loss of the eye. Urgh. I was pretty much a wreck at the clinic. It helped enormously to know that Blueadt also took her airedale there, and had goof things to say.

I have to leave him for pretty much the week. Deuce was happy enough, loved the nurses and opthamologist. He wanted to run off and explore the clinic, so that was a good sign. This is the first time Deuce has been on his own without anyone familiar (except of course when we brought him home that first time!). I hope his plucky little personality sees him through. Hopefully he will find it not too dissimilar to his time with Cleone- lots of walking and sleeping and cuddles. Sarah, the vet nurse assigned to him said she would take good care of him-and that pugs never want for attention at the clinic. I was too teared up to answer properly; I am very grateful to her for that. Of course he did leave me a little pressie- as I passed him to the nurse, he juiced me! My stinky little monkey.

Now off home. Just heard from Apple- computer only shipped sat, so maybe get it Friday. Poo.

And finally-knitting news! Am loving my sockapalooza socks. Have turned the heel worked the gusset (with some imaginative increase work.. Will need guidance on this, they look a little funny) and now working the leg. I may frog it if I have cocked up the gusset, but will see how the finished product turns out first!

Laura-can't wait to see yours!