Counting sheep (with piccies.. of pugs!)

Garthenor Wool – top two black shetland, bottom left dorset, right jacob cross, long leicester blend.

Went to Wales this weekend with df, his mate Carl and my friend K. Also along for the ride were Deuce and his friend Max. We drove to Llandenny for lunch at the Raglan Arms. Great food. Then headed to Tregaron to visit the lovely Chris at Garthenor Organic Wool. K got to meet the sheep, the resident horses Topaz and Molly, 16 ducks, some cows, chickens, cats and a dog while I browsed the wool and chatted with Chris over coffee and biscuits. Came away with some lovely wool, need to decide what to knit with it!

Alot of posing the pugs – this by Llsomething Brianne (very pretty lake).

We drove through towns we couldn’t pronounce, my favourite was Blwch. We passed through a little place called Halfway, but couldn’t figure out halfway to what.

Deuce coudn’t figure it out either.

Stayed in Carlton House in Llanwrt Wells, Mary Ann’s cooking was superb and her hubby a fellow Albertan.

Enough already.
We had lunch in Llandovery. People were so nice. Drove on to Abergavenny and had tea and scones at the Angel Hotel. Really lovely.

On way home now, and it’s raining.

Snuggled up – but suspect they are tired of the camera by now!

Got a few parcels in the post Thursday. Two skeins of Shelridge farm handpaints destined for Cookie A’s monkey socks, a skein of nova wool from Sweetsheep Shop. Pics to follow…
Ryeland from Wales & Wensleydale.
Shelridge Farm handpaint and Nova from Fleece Artist from Sweet Sheep Shop
Gorgeous handpaint from Shelridge – these will be my Cookie A Monkeys!

6 thoughts on “Counting sheep (with piccies.. of pugs!)

  1. Oh this post makes me miss England and Wales. My dad is a Brit and I use to go there for summers when little. I love love love Wales. And Cornwall well and pretty much all of England. I really enjoy the scones and do not get me started on clotted cream, yeah now I am hungry! Glad you had a good trip.

  2. Love the yarn and love the puppies!How’s the service from Sweet Sheep to the UK?I’ve been considering using them but haven’t jumped right in yet.

  3. Gorgeous pug pictures. DD is in love with Deuce but I think the Airedales would stand on a pug by accident!

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