Pop quiz for you

Wore red ankle socks to work today, under turquoise blue strappy shoes. I thought they looked neat; my colleague said she thought me eccentric. Never thought of myself that way.

K did a neat personality test thing when we were in Wales- imagine you are at home. At the same time:
– the door bell rings
– the phone rings
– your baby is crying
– your washing is hanging outside to dry and it is about to rain and
– you have a major leak in your tap.

So pop quiz time: What order do you deal with these things, and why? Will post the explanation tomorrow, along with my own answers.

3 thoughts on “Pop quiz for you

  1. Ooo- can I play? I love pop quizzes!Out of the 5 things listed, a crying baby is probably the most stressful thing, so I would check first to see why the baby is crying. If it’s important, then I would deal with that first otherwise, I would leave the baby to cry. The next 2 easiest things to do are to check call display and look through the peep hole on the door. I would probably ignore the phone call because they can always leave a message, and since we have call display, I can always call back if they don’t leave a message. As for the door, if it’s someone I know, I would let them in, hand them the baby (if I had decided that the baby needed to be picked up) and then get the laundry. If it were a stranger, I’d ignore them and then get the laundry. But the laundry getting wet isn’t too big of a deal because you can always hang it up inside to dry if it gets wet. The last thing I would do is deal with the leaky tap since I’d probably have to go out to the hardware store to buy a new rubber washer (or in our case an overpriced Moen cartridge) to fix the leak.Hmmmm… did I just totally overanalyze the question?BTW, you should have taken a pic of your socks/shoes and then get everyone to vote on whether or not you truly are eccentric.

  2. Ok, I would pick the phone and the baby up on the way to answer the door, tell the person on the phone to hang on, deal with the person at the door (send them away, or ask them to come in and put the kettle on) speak to the person on the phone while going to the sink, to switch off the stop cock, then go and get washing in (still holding the baby & possibly phone). Then, go back put the baby down, and sort out the sink. Then, sit down and drink the tea the person at the door made for me. Can anyone say multi-task?so in order that’s baby, phone, door, tap, washing, how did I do?

  3. That’s tough. I don’t have a baby…but let’s pretend I do…or that my cat is crying or something.Sooo…I pick up the cat/baby and examine it for blood or serious injury or problem, if seriuos, deal with that, otherwise, put it in a sling (the bayb not the cat) or playpen or cot, stick a bucket under the tap, grab the phone, if family or friend I tellt hem I will call back, if other I say call back later, answer the door if family/friend/mailman with yarn invite in and tel them tap is leaking please help or take parcel and then hurriedly come inside, if door to door religion or pleasebuyaspongepleaseohplease I say sorry, tap’s leaking, and go, leave the washing out to get wet, and then shut off the tap with my hand wrench with baby in sling or in crib or playpen or whatever if she’s stopped crying.This is assuming I’m alone by the way…If the husband is home I delegate. 🙂 ie “you fix the tap and then get the washing I’m going to baby/phone/door it up”.Then again, jenny’s answer sounds so reasonable I’d like to say I’d do that but let’s just say I’m sort of…all over the place and flying by the seat of my pants at any given moment. If we had caller ID I’d probably just screen the call, and to be honest, the door is never for me (house with two flats, shared main entry) so if the tap was really gushing I’d just let them wait or go away. But rushing and doing many things at once is kind of me all over.

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