Tarte Tatin and Not so Naked Chefs

The week has gone by in a big blur. I’ve been kind of busy with a project, which will be revealed by and by! 🙂 Df took me to a fabulous dinner on Thursday night as a special treat – we went to Petrus, a Gordon Ramsay protegee restaurant. Marcus Wareing is the chef, and I think the restaurant was recently awarded a second Michelin star. Have been wanting to try it for aaaages, and finally had the chance.

Had a lovely tuna thingie for starter, and slow roast suckling pig for main. I love tarte tatin, and was disappointed to see that it wasn’t on the menu. So I asked whether they had it – and they did! We got the very last one. Boy was I happy about that. Sometimes it is a waste to feed me dinner in fancy restaurants, because my all time favourite bit of the meal is always the dessert…. We got lots of little in between ‘amuse bouche’ – little freebies that tease the palate and make you totally stuffed by the end of the night. They did a little shot glass with jellied sauternes and honey, topped with I think whipped cream and then granita lime and apple on top. It was really really delicious. I want to try to make it myself.

As we were leaving, the maitre d’ who kind of ignored us all night (normally they come up and say hi or something), asked us if we wanted to visit the kitchen. I was like – yeah baby!! So he took us to the back. I guess I’ve been watching way too many Gordon Ramsay shows – I was totally expecting alot of sweat, shouting, frenzied activity… but no, we walked back there, it was soo quiet and calm. Some Bach wouldn’t have been out of place. Chef Marcus Wareing was there and we said hi, he was very calm and not sweaty at all. I had to ask him where all the shouting was, he looked rather bemused, said I was watching too much tv. I do love Gordon Ramsay’s shows so it’s a fair comment. The fact that he always manages to incorporate a 10 second gratuitous naked torso shot never ceases to amuse me. Anyways, that little kitchen excursion was def the highlight of the meal. I need to win the lottery so I can go there every week!

Answers to queries :
Arianne – the service at the Sweet Sheep is great. Very fast, very friendly. I’d def buy from them again.

Liz – the yarn is Koigu KPM, the colourway doesn’t seem to have a name. 223997 is all it says.

Now speaking of Koigu – can I canvas some opinions? what are your top 3 favourite colourways from Koigu?

I’ve also been unfaithful to my Sockapalooza socks… I don’t want to use Koigu anymore…. I wound up the Shelridge Farm handpaints… and boy is it pretty. Boy oh boy oh boy. I have to knit them up for my pal. And no more changing my mind – I’m starting to get antsy about finishing them up – I only have 8 weeks, and lord knows I need the time!!!

3 thoughts on “Tarte Tatin and Not so Naked Chefs

  1. Wow, I am soo jealous of you going there! Sounds fantastic AND a visit to the kitchen, what a perfect evening. I know what you mean about maitre d’is though, we went to a michelin starred place in france and he could not deal with the fact that I was a vegetarian. You’d have thought I was some low life from the bottom of his shoe. Every time he walked past he gave me a filthy look. Needless to say, we did not get invited into the kitchen he was guarding!! (Mind you, Gordon Ramsey I think has the same view on vegetarians, although I do love his f word as well!!) Thanks for the yarn info, I did buy some this week, there’s a picture of it on my blog, and I love it. It’s so soft too. I bought some also for my yarn swap partner in greens. I’ve yet to master socks though 😦

  2. Am totally jealous of your dinner! Love how you asked MW where all the shouting was. A new season of Hell’s Kitchen has started. A big Korean (maybe Chinese?) guy started crying at one point – like totally bawling. GR told him to stop crying. For F’s sake stop crying (swears bleeped out – will wait until it’s on Food TV on rerun when they don’t bleep out the explitives!). The guy started bawling even harder. John and I laughed so hard, Whiksy started prancing around the living room!

  3. sounds like you had a grat dinner!I’m also antsy about getting my Sockapalooza socks finished on time…we should be okay though. I’m going to bring mine along on Wednesday. xx

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