Knitting at the Inn

Met up with Laura and Erqsome for the iknit knit in. Very swish locale at the Inn at the Park in St James. Beautiful place! How is it that I have never stumbled across this lovely venue? All wood and terrace. Reminded me of home!

Another reason for nostalgia – E is a fellow Canadian from Toronto. She had posted a story about a naught dope fiend horse – if you have 5 minutes and an itch for a belly laugh, read here.

Was very cool to meet L & E – we sat on the terrace knitting our respective socks. L in a gorgeous Koigu, and E in a beautiful merino yarn she got in a yarn swap. A curious man was hovering near our group, and finally curiousity got the better of him and he asked us what we were doing. I think he got the details for his wife. Very sweet!

Have started on the sockapaloozas, and am pleased with how it is progressing and the colour. Oh I love the colour. I hope my s pal likes them…

3 thoughts on “Knitting at the Inn

  1. It was a lovely place, wasn’t it! Hope you didn’t get home too late. I managed to coincide my arrival at Ealing with Hubby, so we went for a cheeky pint before heading home. xxx

  2. Hi Alice! I had such a great time hanging out with you, it’s just a shame I had to cut it short. Hopefully we’ll be able to hook up some group sock-knitting again soon. x

  3. Just wanted to add, I finished my work at 11am this mornuing so read the post about the naughty house! What a book. I wonder if Ealing library has it….

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