Being bereft of a computer sucks! I have much to show- my sockapalooza socks (I am so so happy with how they are turning out) and my sock blockers from chappy! I got hedgehogs, and Deuce! They are so cute.

Had to take Deuce to the vet this morning-another scratched cornea. Am taking monday off to take him to an opthamologist in NEWMARKET. Now why up near Cambridge you ask? When I live in a city of 11 million? When there surely must be other opthamologists? Well there are. They simply seem to all be on holiday at the same time. So a nice drive in the country on mon it is.

Tomorrow we go househunting, seeing two houses, then a little knit in with a friend, followed by a few errands (fixing car air con for drive to woolfest in cumbria, and getting yet more keys cut) then a BBQ with my darling goddaughter and friends Barb and Paul. Sunday is down for packing up and decluttering so the flat shows at its best.

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  1. Good luck with the decluttering. We did the same before we sold our last house & I got rid of LOADS of stuff. Then even more once we’d accepted an offer & even more once we’d moved. Are you on Freecycle?I used a colour coding scheme for boxes & each room had it’s own colour which was put onto the boxes. Plus each was numbered & on a spreadsheet. It was really useful as we had to open a few before we’d moved & then enabled us to find things in the chaos once we had moved.Re AHT in Newmarket. Annie went there to be spayed as it was the only place that could do her due to her von Willebrands Disease. They’re brilliant!I hope Deuce’s eyes recover soon.

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