Home Alone

Drove up to Kentford, home of the Animal Health Trust. The actual drive sucked, I took a wrong turn, then the M11 was crawling at a snail's pace, then stupid navlady (gps) sent me in circles. Finally arrived to a beautiful clinic set in woods, with some beautiful tudor buildings. Very modern and hi tech- nicer than most od the human hospitlas I've been to.

Deuce has a bad ulcer on his eye-bad enough for a stern word that it would not be good to take him home. They admitted him for some intensive treatment. A cocktail of antibiotics painkillers and something called "serum" made of Deuce's blood to help avoid corneal meltdown administered every hour for the next few days. I didn't ask for too much detail about the meltdown as that sounded way too scary. I came totally unprepared for this, and the fear factor involved-if the eye doesn't respond they have to do a graft to prevent deterioration and then perforation of the ulcer which would in turn lead to loss of the eye. Urgh. I was pretty much a wreck at the clinic. It helped enormously to know that Blueadt also took her airedale there, and had goof things to say.

I have to leave him for pretty much the week. Deuce was happy enough, loved the nurses and opthamologist. He wanted to run off and explore the clinic, so that was a good sign. This is the first time Deuce has been on his own without anyone familiar (except of course when we brought him home that first time!). I hope his plucky little personality sees him through. Hopefully he will find it not too dissimilar to his time with Cleone- lots of walking and sleeping and cuddles. Sarah, the vet nurse assigned to him said she would take good care of him-and that pugs never want for attention at the clinic. I was too teared up to answer properly; I am very grateful to her for that. Of course he did leave me a little pressie- as I passed him to the nurse, he juiced me! My stinky little monkey.

Now off home. Just heard from Apple- computer only shipped sat, so maybe get it Friday. Poo.

And finally-knitting news! Am loving my sockapalooza socks. Have turned the heel worked the gusset (with some imaginative increase work.. Will need guidance on this, they look a little funny) and now working the leg. I may frog it if I have cocked up the gusset, but will see how the finished product turns out first!

Laura-can't wait to see yours!

4 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Poor little Deuce 😦 sounds like he is in good hands.I finished my first sock last night! My new camera is supposed to be delivered today (although Ross is still waiting) so should be able to take some good pictures tonight.

  2. Get well soon wishes to Deuce – are you bringing him to Woolfest? Will be grand to meet him.I’m glad I’m not the only person who is living and breathing socks at the moment – plus a bit of spinning of course.Subliminal message….get a wheel….get a wheel….

  3. Deuce will be fine. He’ll be charming all the nurses & be spoilt rotten.Annie has a rare clotting blood disorder & the AHT was the only place in the country that could spay her. They’ve got the best vets, nurses & all the latest technology to their disposal. But I do hope he’s insured!

  4. Poor little guy. I hope he’s doing okay…any word on his progress? If seeing him on Sunday reminded me of anything is that he always seems to have a good time, plastic cones be d______! I’m sure it won’t come to the worst case scenario. xo B

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