Back online… And off again…

Sigh. It was all going so well. Finally got my new computer. Online, installing happily away, then no connection! Poo. It's lovely, huge screen. With a camera! So mom we can do a web video chat!!

Week has been good. Deuce's progress reports continue to be good. I call the clinic every morning and they have had good news. He is steadily improving, but he is still in Cambridge. I miss him! From the nurse's tone I suspect he won't be home much before Tuesday.

We've been making use of the time, on tues we went and saw three flats. One large two bed maisonette in notting hill.. David hated it. A great 3 bed just off ken church street, but a little steep both in price and height.. Three floors up no lift. No outdoor space either. Last one nearer to us but tiny rooms. No go. We made an offer on the three bed, but the agent called us and told us someone else bid over the asking price (what we offered) so we said forget it.

On wed we had dinner with an old family friend. Well, I had dinner as david had some deal at work go papajohn. David managed to catch us after and we had tea at ours.

Last night we caught Ocean's 13, amusing if disjointed.

And today we saw two flats, one that wasn't very nice, and another that is very nice, but will require a fair bit of work to bring it up to scratch. It is a great flat. Not too sure though. Two again tomorrow morning.

Almost done my sockapalooza socks.. I am excited, they look neat. Will post piccies tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Back online… And off again…

  1. Hope Deuce is better and home soon. And posting from your Blackberry has to be limiting! Good luck with your new computer; looking forward to seeing photos of the socks.

  2. Good to hear that little Deuce is doing well! I hope you get your internet connection back soon 😦 and looking forward to seeing your Sockapalooza socks on Wednesday!

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