One down!!

I’ve finished one of my sockapalooza socks. I’m really pleased with it – I really like the pattern, and the colours are just divine (Shelridge farm, dahhhling!)

My computer is now up and running, though we need to sort out how to use it as both our tv and monitor. Hmmm. Might be a bit difficult. Will need to get creative with my old laptop monitor…

Meanwhile… thought I would share some of the cool stuff I’ve been playing with from a techie point of view.

Blackberry – has a great program for the blackberry called viigo, which basically is an rss reader. So I pop in all the rss feeds from the blogs I read and I can catch up on the blogosphere on the go. It’s cool. Not quite real time but close enough. It’s awesome being able to sit on the tube and catch up on everyone’s blogs! Downside is it doesn’t download piccies beforehand, but it will when it is on the network.

RSS readers – I used for a while, but found that it wouldn’t recognise some feeds (like Yoshimiknits) but seems to work fine. What do you all use to read? I wish there was something that had all the comments automatically in the reader, viigo is good in that respect, it will open up the full post when in network contact.

I also finally got a chance to download some Lime & Violet podcasts. Erqsome, I’m going to need your help. I visited some of the pod listings on your site – but could not figure out how to listen to them! Sigh sometimes I really feel technologically impaired.

Ahhh tomorrow is Sunday. Yay! Got a call this morning from the vet’s, they don’t want to discharge Deuce. Am missing him, but I guess it is better this way. They think he is doing really well, but his eye still isn’t all better. Maybe Mon or Tues they said. Fingers and toes crossed. Thanks for all your well wishes! I am sure Deuce would give you each lots of frantic slobberly kisses.

3 thoughts on “One down!!

  1. I use Sage for Firefox for my RSS reader, but it doesn’t show the comments unless you click the actual link to the post. You can manually refresh it, although when I publish a post that shows up pretty quickly without resorting to a manual refresh.

  2. I use bloglines, I like it because you can download a notifier for your system tray that tells you when there’s new posts…don’t know if that’s compatible with Macs though….

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