Take care of your pennies…

We finally managed to take our big jar of pennies to Sainsbury’s today and get them exchanged for proper notes.
We had a big jar and a little jar, which I’ve kept for a few years now. David and I wagered how much was in the jars – I said £10, David guessed £15. The machine counted £43. In pennies, five pence, ten pence and twenty pence coins. I am going to scrounge around for more change! 🙂

Another call from the vet’s – Deuce still not ready to come home. They want to keep him another couple of days. I wonder whether we will just end up picking him up on our way to Woolfest? It is the longest he has spent away from us so far. We are going to Canada in July… that will be 10 days. It’s now been 7 days. Sigh. It’s empty in our little flat without him.

One thought on “Take care of your pennies…

  1. I am jealous of you, going to Woolfest! £43 is good going!My friends had one of those Terramundi money pots and only put £2 coins in…when they smashed it there was £800 in there!

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