Deuce still in Cambridge, and they want to keep him for another few days. His ulcer has kind of hovered at the same stage since fri, and they won't discharge him yet. 😦

4 thoughts on “Gutted

  1. He’ll be one very spoilt little dog when you finally get him home. I’m looking forward to meeting him too

  2. Oh no! 😦 It’s so hard, isn’t it?I hope he’s 100% better and home with you very very soon!It’s so hard when our little animal loves are sick. 😦 :(Also, I see you’re going to Woolfest. *sigh* I can’t convince Evil Andy (husband) to come with me. And I can neither drive nor train it up as the train to Cockermouth doesn’t arrive at the right times! *sigh*Boo hoo hoo.

  3. A, I hope Deuce comes home soon! When you say that his ulcer hasn’t changed since Friday, do you mean that it hasn’t improved in the last few days or the last week? I know you must miss him, but it’s good that they want to keep him for a few more days – much better than having them discharge him prematurely. Kissies from us to Deuce!

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