Good news and socks galore!

Puglet will be coming home soon. His eye has only a small dot left, and looks like thurs may be the day! Yay!

Meanwhile in househunting news, we found a place last night both of us like. That in itself is a huge feat as df and I are known affectionately by our friends as "the bickersons". Says it all!

Very nice two bed, central, garden, quiet, secure… Only drawback is there is a huge and deep abyss through which the tube goes rumbing by every 5 minutes or so to the north side of the house and garden… Certainly makes for a secure garden as you'd have to be spiderman to get across. Even so, the area is good and the price reflects the blemish. Will wait to hear back from the agent tomorrow.

Blueadt- thanks for the freecycle tip. Will certainly be using them! I also tried out Sage- totally awesome!! My fave rss by far.

Have now cast on the second sockapalooza sock, received confirmation of the rockin sock club june mailing, and of the sundara petals collection sock club. Socks socks everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Good news and socks galore!

  1. oh, I meant to mention, I always use netvibes. It always seems to be up to date, and does so much more thenn blogs. I can see my ebay bids and everything on it!! Such good news about Deuce!

  2. You’d be surprised how quickly you get used to train/plane noises. Plus they don’t run in the wee hours either, so shouldn’t keep you awake.

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