Crocs and Pugs

Spent last night visiting B and my goddaughter. She is full of beans, and such a charmer and joker! Sophia and Deuce ran around after each other – Sophia shouting DEUCIE through her dum dum. She loved the crocs my mom got her – kept putting them on and taking them off again. Very sweet. Paul was working late. We left him some oats.

My designer sent me a new mock up of the site – and I love it! Kind of like a gun toting knitting cowboy granny’s place. We need to get everything finalised by the 4 August so that the programmer can get some UHU glue and tape the mock up to your computer screens. better get your addresses in m’dears so I can send him round! Also sent an ad to knitty… hee hee, so keep your eyes peeled in the Fall 07 issue!

Laura told me that the Sockapalooza deadline was extended to the 7 August – thank goodness! I had to frog a few inches of teh second sock… and am reknitting feverishly.

Sunday in the Park

Or not… Sunday working at home. I needed to catch up on the business stuff this weekend, and am pleased with what I’ve achieved. My designer sent me a mock up of the website on Friday, which I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with. It just seemed so … so… straight out of the tin if you know what I mean. I hope he was just showing me the structure… anyways, I spent most of Friday night sketching out ideas and how I want the site to work, and click through for the user, and have come up with something I quite like. I just hope my designer can work with the rough sketch I sent him! Yesterday I finally got around to opening my boxes of yarn (I couldn’t really open them until I had storage to put them in!). My oh my so pretty.

Box of treasure

Doesn’t this make you want to knit?



Deuce helping out

I just stood and stared. Now of course we have yarn everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And more coming!!! Aiya. But man, the yarn I’ve got is so lovely…. Arianne – I tried to find your John B colourway for Cherry Tree Hill- I couldn’t find it. Can you send me a picture? Or maybe I can tempt you with some other colours… of which I have many! ahahahahahha (wild crazy laughter of the yarn obsessed..). My next two orders are cool too – one is a super super SUPER soft yarn, which I think is going to be truly covetable. The other one has such a beautiful handpainting technique that the colours are like shadow and light playing on the yarn. Okay enough gaga about yarn now…

Today I decided to do the accounts for the company, and catch up on my budget and forecasts. I gave myself a heart attack when I couldn’t figure out the numbers and thought I had dug myself into a hole. My goodness. Well, it was only because I am seriously numerically challenged. David came home and sorted it all out for me – still on track, still in budget. Phew! Lesson learnt – let David do the numbers!!!

Sat night we met up with K and Max for some dinner along the Thames. We went to a Thai place in the new development down in Fulham by the river, Imperial Wharf. That place is massive. The river front is actually really lovely, and very relaxed. It feels a world away from London. They let us sit by the patio, inside, with the dogs lying outside, but next to our table. They even brought bowls of water for them. The food was really fabulous.

Tonight David is roasting a rib of beef… it smells divine. Can’t wait to dig in.

Thanks for your comments on our wedding! Am very excited now!

And of course in knitting news…. my sockapalooza socks… have stalled! I realised on Saturday that I had started the increases one pattern repeat to early. So i have to rip back a good two inches. ARGH. SO… since I’ve been so good and gotten the following off my to do list: Website sketch, organising and logging receipts, updating accounts, paying bills, organising and auditing yarns received, chasing up orders, that this evening can be spent watching a movie and frogging and knitting my final sock.

And I still haven’t managed to finish my Yarn Yard planter roving… it is sitting in the corner eyeing me balefully… but I cannot indulge until my sock is done! soon soon, my precioussssss


After alot of here and there, we are going full steam ahead with a winter wedding. Fur stole here i come!! 8 March is the date, and i checked out hotels in banff. £70 a night for a room with two queens – not bad eh? Looking forward to making arrangements – dog sledding, skiing, trips up sulphur mountain – not sure the glacier will be so exciting in the winter… we’ll see.

Meanwhile we went for a second viewing on a flat near the Thames. It’s in a tucked away corner, but near a marina AND the best thing is that there is a river taxi that takes me to blackfriars in 30 minutes! how cool is that. David and I did a test run today after work – it is nice and uncrowded – and best of all, there is a small bar in the boat. Beer on the thames cruising home? oh yes!

Tonight went to see the simpson’s movie- it was funny. Like an episode funny only longer. It isn’t as clever as the series, but enjoyable nonetheless.

OH and good news – we got an offer on the flat!!! We counteroffered and the lady is going away to talk to her brokers and hopefully come back next week. Fingers and toes crossed pleased…

I also asked B and M to be my chief bridesmaids… so we can get things rolling. Looking forward to trying on zillions of shoes! Red platform stilletos – here I come! (just kidding).

And can I say? Facebook ROCKS. I have found 2 friends from highschool, and a few from uni. One is actually a Calgary cop!! Everytime I think about that I can’t help laughing. Not that he wouldn’t make a great cop – I can’t think of anyone I know who would fill those shoes better. It’s just I remember him strolling through campus, too cool for school, nodding but never smiling, when saying hello to his mates. Soft and tough all in one. I wouldn’t want to be a bad guy meeting him in the streets! I am going to see if he’ll give me & David a ride in his cop cruiser!! I want to tear around town with the sirens blazing!


Finally managed to finish up all the boring legalese for the online
store – man is that stuff boring! There are so many legal obligations
and things that you have to tell your customers… having said that,
whenever I buy anything I never read the fine print! Does anyone
really read that stuff? Sigh. I have a third of the site stuff
done. I now have to get photos of the yarn done, descriptions of all
my suppliers, descriptions and qualities of the various things I will
stock – I need to look at needles. I have some cool beautiful stuff,
but for everyday knitting? I would stock Knit Picks if only I
could…. but second best I feel has got to be Addi lace. Anyone else
have any thoughts on this?

I signed up for Natalie's Spinning Club at the Yarn Yard. I am loving
her colours and am looking forward to the start of it. I also signed
up for Lucky Lurkers sock club at A Swell Yarn Shop. My my this
addition of mine is growing…

I spoke to my mom today – she says that even thinking about all the
stuff I'm doing makes her tired. I'm planning to launch my online
store mid September (have I told you the name yet? hee hee you'll
need to wait just a wee bit longer!), we are trying to move, and we
are also trying to plan a wedding! Today we decided that we will
probably let the move slide and take the place off the market in a
couple of weeks. It has gotten quite quiet and frankly, we just don't
have the time! Wedding wise, we are changing the date. I am torn
between 12 July and 26 July. I want to bring Deuce. Is that crazy?
Maybe. But leaving him for a month, well it is just too long! Got a
great wedding guide book – boy alot of ritual stuff I never knew the
significance of. Will be fun! I want the boys to all wear top hats,
but that will probably be a little OTT.

Deuce is being a total sweetheart. I don't think Emma his blond
walker gives him quite the walks Cleone does. Both days he has come
home from Cleone's totally knackered. He's lying on the floor snoring

Chez moi

Back in Blighty, after a very easy flight home. I sat down and there
was a screaming baby, but on second glance he turned out to be actually laughing/shrieking. As soon as the flight took off, little Oliver (the happy screaming baby) was sound asleep, and very shortly after so was I.

We arrived bang on time, but flew around Heathrow for about half an hour before we were allowed to land. There have been heavy storms here, with flooding. Lightening hit our plane and the pilot announced it was nothing to be concerned about. We landed but then sat on the
runway for 2 hours waiting for an opening to park. We arrived home
about 5pm, having left Heathrow at 330 and having arrived at Heathrow
(in the air) at noon. We drove through some flooded areas where the
waters came up to the top of the car tires. There are loads of areas
of London that have been flooded. See photos on also on
http:\ Our neighbours' flats were also flooded – we came
home and were very lucky that our flat was not. Our drainage system is
slightly different to theirs so that might have made a difference.

On Wednesday David & I went to Heritage Park, a park near my mom's
house overlooking the reservoir and housing historical buildings which
were moved to the Park rather than be demolished. All the buildings
come from around Alberta so it was really neat to see where they
originated from, as many were places we knew and had visited. Alice is
from Vulcan (Live Long, and Prosper) and the ice cream parlour had
stood in Vulcan high street and was moved to Heritage Park when they
wanted to demolish it.

Vulcan ice cream parlour on the right

The train station

The steam train

Laura Ingles is that you?

More kids – not sure why there were dressed this way… maybe a summer camp thing, or maybe just child labour.

There was an old bakery, lumber mill,
dentist's, bank, snooker house, post office, hotel, as well as
residential homes both grand and modest. Very Little House on the
Prairie and a nice place to spend an afternoon. It could have been
very Disney but again thankfully is not.

I did feel for the staff there
– they are required to wear period dress and though these are charming,
in 32 degree heat a long sleeved top and wool dress are not ideal!

The train conductor

We took a short trip on the steam train

View of the reservoir

Inside of the train carriage

More of the main street

Old letters at the post office

It is set up as if it was a working town (albeit with a small amusement
area and with everything all condensed into a smaller area), with a steam train! we wandered around poking into whatever building took our fancy. In each
building is an appropriately dressed historical person who tells you
what the building is for how it was used, when it was built. We
wandered into an old bank and a chap with a pocket watch and bowler hat
told us that they used to only employ single men because women could
not be trusted with money, and because the men had to live above the
bank, taking turns to look through a slot in the floor at the safe
below to ensure no one was trying to break into it! Security alarm,
wild west style!

We went to my friend Thea & Kevin's new place for dinner – they had
central cooling which was such a luxury in the heat. We had a
delicious thai meatball pasta and got to hang out with their little
ones (Elora is 3.5 years and Owen is 1.5). She has another on the way,
due in December. We caught up with Sylvia and Jason, Alice's sister
and brother in law. Jason has turned me onto Facebook – which is way
cool. I've already caught up with two old friends – one from high
school and one from uni. The one from uni is a Calgary cop – so I have
asked him about the cowboy hats!

Thursday we had lunch with my Uncle Kai and then pootled around until
it was time to go to th
e airport. One last vietnamese meal at Bagolac
(which was yummy!) and we were off to the airport.

I am also totally excited about the Harry Potter book coming out
tonight – I went and reserved one this afternoon as soon as we got home
and we are now biding our time until midnight to go around the corner
and pick it up. Cannot wait!

As for Deuce – his walker took him to the vet on Wednesday (again?!?)
and he was diagnosed with a mild case of kennel cough. Sheesh. So he's
been on antibiotics and benalyn (a human cough medicine) since then.
He seems fine – he's only sneezed once since we've been home so is
already on the mend. After a short walk and a lot of cuddles and
playing, he's conked out on the couch snoozing away.

It's good to be home!

Oh and in knitting news – I came home to a package! my Sundara Yarns Petal Collection for June. Very pretty!

Saw this in Calgary on a truck – could not resist!

Hiho Silver!

Some photos from yesterday

Ok now this one surprised me. I don’t really see this side of Calgary much (well, at all). Disposal Unit for Needles is what it says on the top of it. Found it as we were walking up to 17th, only a few blocks away from my high school.

David at DevonshireDevonian Gardens [Jenny you are right! Have been in England too long…] – these are gardens at the top of an office building/shopping mall. A few of the buildings downtown surrounding 8th Avenue have shopping malls on the bottom three floors, and then offices in the floors above. This particular one has a green house built into the third floor which is a great place to have lunch when it is -30 degrees out!

Cowboy cops! This blew my mind. They make me think of Johnny Cash. Should have a banjo tucked into their belts there alongside their guns. Oh and a lasso and some chaps!!

The Calgary Tower is iconic of Calgary – it sticks out in the skyline (in fact, all of downtown sticks out as the rest of calgary is flat as a chuckwagon breakfast pancake). It was built in 1967 using a continual pour of concrete which took 24 ddays to finish. 39 feet in an hour. Wowsers. The structure was designed to withstand the elements (climate, high winds, shock, etc.) and was the first in the Western provinces designed to withstand earthquakes (um, even though Calgary doesn’t get them). On a windy day the Tower can, and will, sway up to 16.5 centimetres or 7.5 inches and can withstand winds up to 161 km/hr. Neat-o.

Photo of the pour

Of the top of the tower

You can see the tower in the calgary skyline on the left of the photo.

Eek! This is the glass platform at the calgary tower. You can see the red bit of the top of the tower below my feet.

View of Calgary from the tower.

Calgary’s +15 – these are walkways 15 feet above ground which connect pretty much the whole of downtown. They are great as it means you can enter a building from one end of downtown and maneovre your way to your building of choice without having to go outside. Very useful in the dead of winter when more than 2 minutes outside will freeze exposed skin.

On the grill…

Need I say more?! I’ve heard Texas smells of steak. Thankfully Calgary doesn’t! BBQ tonight – really looking forward to some sizzling T-bone tonight. Though with temperatures going up to 35 we will probably end up eating it in the basement where it is still very cool.

Lovely time in Banff yesterday. It is one of my favourite places – just driving down the Kananaskis corridor into the national park is almost a spiritual experience. We went to Banff Springs and checked out the venue – very cool. There are two displays of full body armour in the room. We may have to put them away, the temptation to get into one is too great!

View from the roundabout in the Banff Springs Hotel

A little critter come to say hi

We followed up the visit to the hotel with a stroll along Banff Avenue. The whole avenue has been dug up and is being reconstructed. David and I got a pair of crocs each, these popular rubber clogs that seem to be taking canada by storm.

David also tried on a great Davey Crocker hat:

And we found a tshirt with a Pug theme!
<a href="

We drove to Canmore hoping to have dinner at Crazyweed – a fanatastic little restaurant with an amazingly talented self taught chef, but found that she had sold the old premises to one of her chefs and moved to a new place, which was being built. No crazyweed,b ut we had a great dinner at Mine, a pan asian cafe.

Canmore town views:

View of Kananaskis on the drive home

Today we met up with Alice and went to David’s fave restaurant in calgary -Catch. We then went up the Calgary tower which was wild – they have a new platform made of glass that you can stand on, over Calgary traffic. It is the highest tourist tower above sea level – will post more piccies tomorrow. Saw a couple Calgary policemen – I don’t know if it is the Stampede thing or not, but they were wearing black stetsons which I don’t remember them doing when I lived there. Calgary’s new motto is ‘the heart of the new west’. Wonder if the cowboy hats are part of the rebranding?

Followed this up with a leisurely stroll up to 17th Ave, my old stomping grounds. I went to a high school on 17th Ave near a whole lot of shops and cafes. I spent quite a lot of time in cafes instead of in class. We popped into MEC, a great outdoor shop that is run as a coop, David got a new bike helmet on sale to replace his old one, some biking shorts and I got some mosquito super anti itch (damn those pesky things) and went looking for a camelbak. We met up again with Alice as she had gone to pick up a friend from the airport, and walked down 17th ave checking out the shops. Gravity Pope was there – an old shoestore that Cam, a childhood friend, used to work at when we were at Uni, and Rubaiyat, a beautiful art gallery style store.