Met up with Laura, Emms, and Dee for an iknit in at bread and roses pub in clapham. I could only stay for a (very) swift one, but had some time to check out Laura's sockapalooza sock (whoever is getting these is in for a treat! They are lurvely!!) And her sunshine handyed yarn. Gorgeous!

I had to run off to catch the train to cambridge, and managed to get to kings cross with 5 min to find platform 10. Well, I followed the stupid arrows which disappeared halfway to st pancras and I ended up in st pancras only to run back to kings cross. And miss my train. BUT thankfully the train on platform 8 just happened to be going to cambridge too! And I only had to wait 5 minutes for it to go.

Got to the station, david came to pick me up as he' driven up first to collect deuce. The little one was so excited he caterwauled for ages. He was all hyper in the car and when we got home did his pugtona circles for a good 5 minute when we got home; then caterwauled some more.

Thurs Uncle Hsu came around to meet Deuce, and Friday early we set off for Cockermouth and woolfest.

I was really excitef about woolfest not only for the shopping ops, but also to meet Sarah and Jane. Well, in retrospect it probably would have been a good thing to obtain contact details (I'm really sorry Jane & Sarah!!!) as it was pretty big, and we didn't get to the spin in until 830. I didn't get tix in time so they were all sold out for the hogg. Roast. Poo! We did meet fiona who showed me the ropes on her double treadle joy (which I am going to order as soon as we get home!) and her friend who showed Kat the ropes on the drop spindle.

Sat we took the pups out to Buttermere and had a lovely walk round the lake. In honour of ther literary tradition of the environs, we helped the boys compose a poem:

Oh! What wilderness my mother takes me to
With tranquil lakes and skies of blue
How my heart yearns for more
Empty rumblings at the core
This is where the great poets meet
I don't know why cuz there's no treats

We went back and did the whole exhibition, which was amazing. Deuce and Max met loads of people, and I met the lovely Sheila and Jonathan Bosworth (and of course picked up a tulipwood spindle).

Last night we strolled through Cockermouth, which is where wordsworth was born. It is a sleepy little town with interesting visitors-a group of swedes were at the hotle, followed by a group of bikers from all over europe on their annual reunion (they come to cockermouth every year and have done so for the past seven years).

We drove by lake windermere this morning-saw another wordsworth home (I suspect it is a little like shakespeare in stratford). Lots of slate homes, very pretty effect. We stopped at a lovely little pub in a cheshire village called Bartholmey. Weather was freaky-sudden shower storms, bucketing down, interspersed with sun (at one point we could barely see the road the storm was so heavy!). We caught the sun for lunch and it started to rain as we were leaving. Seeing these heavy showers, I understand how scary it can be. Blueadt luckily hasn't been flooded herself- though it has been awful. I hope the waters recede very soon.

Home now, catching up on admin- cheques out to the surveyor, sorting out the mortgage… Arianne, I agree with you-househunting is not a fun process! Totally nerve wracking.

3 thoughts on “Pugtonas

  1. What knit-night do you attend? Is it a good one? Is it open to anyone? <—-*desperately in need of knitting friends*How was Woolfest? I’m so jealous. I really wanted to go. The Lake District is one of my favourite places in the country. It’s so beautiful up there. I love it! 🙂 I’m sorry you’re feeling the house-hunting-buying pain…but thanks for mentioning me!Glad to hear your little Deuce is home!

  2. Very poor planning on our part – but it sounds like you enjoyed Woolfest as much as I did – and I’m thrilled about your wheel!Let’s catch up in London soon.Good news that Deuce is home and back to his old self by the sound of it.Jane

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