Happy Birthday to Me!

Spent a great bday today with Deuce and David, and Kat and Max at the Macmillan Dog Day. Met a couple of great ladies – one with Bingo the pomeranian and another with Molly and Monty (one maltese one yorkie). It was held in the Royal Hospital grounds with little competitions and a wine and oyster bar. We spent our time in the wine and oyster bar since it bucketed down with rain. Lots of great dogs – a gorgeous bernese called Bruno some great danes that were seriously massive and lots of little pugs.

Great bday pressies too – David got me the cutest solid silver pug. It’s only about a pinky finger width high but it is very sweet. More to come but apparently is held up in customs… David’s folks Sue & Frank sent a great summer top and a red wallet (which is perfect as I was about to get a new wallet myself!). David’s grandma sent me a certificate for a bookshop which will be perfect for the upcoming visit to Canada. And my mom got me a spinning wheel (thanks mom!!!) which I will order tomorrow (the chaps I want to order from aren’t back from Woolfest til then). Lots of bday wishes from friendies which was very nice.

Since it is a milestone day today I thought it would be appropriate to let the cat out of the bag about the little project I have been keeping somewhat underwraps (though I bet now most of you know what I am up to)! I’m setting up an online knitting store – but specialising in artisan yarns and fibres. I received my first shipment today (well customs have and I need to pay VAT and duty on it so they will release to me), very exciting. So anything you desperately want to see online here in the UK or can’t believe isn’t here yet tell me and I will see what I can do! The launch date is set for 15 September 2007 and the launch party will be in London in Notting Hill on the 14 September. Email me your name & address to missmaliceknits AT gmail DOT com and I will make sure I email you details of the shop and launch party!

Meanwhile in househunting land – all is up in the air. Unless we get a buyer in the next few days we will have to pull out of our next-to-gaping-abyss dream home as it is insanity to exchange without having an offer on our own place. Sucks!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Oh – let me know if you need me to resend my address to you for the launch party!! I acn’t wait – it is so exciting!!Laura x

  2. Have missed your blog. In cleaning up some feeds that were nonproductive, I must have deleted yours by mistake. Best wishes for lots more wonderful birthdays and a really successful shop!

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