Submitting to the Evil Green (& Yellow) Agent of Greed

Some much needed pampering today – headed over to Kat's spa
( a long over due facial, girly talk and
catching up. Got Deuce's Doggles in the post – I have a feeling they
are a bit too big, he looks a bit like Bono the Bug.

Surveyor was booked in to do his survey at the target property today
– turned up an hour late, then got huffy because the one estate agent
in the office couldn't leave it to bring him the keys. So he left.
Um, hello – surely the thing to do is to call as soon as you think
you are going to be late to make arrangements to get the keys? The
agent then called the surveyor's office to tell them that if they
didn't do the survey today, the sale would fall through (honestly,
this kind of crap makes me want to vomit. If we walk away, the
seller's own purchase will fall through too, so really they are in as
much of a bind as we are). Then the agent called me, I called the
surveyor, to more huffiness (about the agent not being able to give
the man the keys, and even when I pointed out it was because the man
was an hour late that they were not able to get him the keys, the
other two had gone out on viewings, the surveyor got all defensive
and said he was only late because they had spent an hour looking for
a parking spot. ?? Morons. the lot of them). So I said, trying not
to papajohn (aka freak out) , look, just sort it out. Apparently the
surveyor went back this afternoon. Why is househunting such a palaver?

Deuce keeps looking at me and getting me to follow him to the
kitchen, where he looks meaningfully at his empty bowl. Little piggie!

Ordered my Joy wheel today – with bag. Can't wait to spin the roving
I got from the Yarn Yard (oh Jane if I'd know your socks were there I
would have taken more care to look for them!!! as it was the frenzy
of buying sort of left me in a dazed frantic state). Drop spindles
are all well and fine, but plying from them is a pain and frankly, it
is too slow for my MTV generation want it now mentality. I came very
close to buying an electric spinner -but too expensive! Otherwise,
heaps and heaps of hand spun yarn would have been mine!!!

We finally capitulated and gave in to the evil green & yellow agent
of greed – we need to sell our place asap, or we have to walk away
from the target flat. So…. we have decided to instruct Foxtons.
Unscrupulous, aggressive, hungry, scheming agents….all adjectives
used to describe them at one time or another. However… when we have
5 days to get a cash buyer… the fact they show until 8pm, and show
all day sat and sunday… well, that many more people through the
door will certainly help. So tomorrow am at 8 we are entertaining
the Big Cheese of the Green and Yellows (colour of their brand) to
sign our names in blood (or pretty much). Fingers and toes all
crossed. Let it be sunny too – that certainly will put our flat in
the best light!

4 thoughts on “Submitting to the Evil Green (& Yellow) Agent of Greed

  1. Their HQ is the 1st floor of the old Onetel building – they have punchbags in their office to ‘motivate’ them!!

  2. Good luck – I hope you find a buyer soon. Things are really moving fast! Am in a daze reading all about it.

  3. Ugh. Estate agents and surveyors suck. SO HARD.Congrats on your wheel! Where’s the Yarn Yard? And also…where did you order your wheel from?

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