Bling went my computer. I stopped my spinning (trying to finish up
the yarn yard so I can ply it before heading to Canada), and checked
my email. My logo revisions came in! I will have to disappoint Ems –
no octopus I'm afraid. My designer took against it. Once you see
his work you'll understand why it isn't in his aesthetic, but still,
I thought the octopus was a cutie. I will make one for Deuce and it
shall be our mascot. They say go with your first impressions, and in
this case they are right. The one I loved best is the one I still go
back to. The revisions were beautiful – the crest because more
feminine, more rococo, but alas not the right look for the store. Too
feminine. Funny how seeing other options can drive home how right a
choice is. So I have my logo! Yay!!

Will be unveiling that here in due course… but not just yet! 🙂

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