We are off to Calgary tomorrow. Cannot wait. The weather looks fab (such a nice change from dreary grey London), and we've got some fun plans lined up. My mom's throwing an engagement party on the Saturday (David surrounded by a zillion chinese people), going to the Stampede on Sunday, tickets to see a rodeo show. Going to catch Harry Potter with my friend Alice Chan, do a bit of shopping, lots of eating (Calgary has the BEST STEAK EVER!), lots of pho and bun (my favourite vietnamese foods), and of course we will be visiting Banff to check out the wedding venue – and try out all the food for the dinner (I did say lots of eating didn't I!!).

We had to pull out of the house purchase – no buyer and we couldn't keep the seller waiting. Two potential buyers came through for their second viewings yesterday, will see in the next few days how things go.

I should be getting my second round for the company logo -very excited about that!

And the most difficult decisions now – what knitting to bring to Canada! I will def be bringing my sockapalooza socks, though not on the plane. Apparently my needles are 'weapons'. I wanted to bring my spinning wheel on the plane, but it is 10 cm too tall. I'll bring my drop spindle instead and work on some of the yarn yard's gorgeous roving. I've been waiting and waiting for my Sundara Yarn's Petal Collection sock club package… but nothing yet. Boo. I got my RSC package – for some reason it didn't inspire. The colours are lovely, but I don't care for the sock. Will have to have a think about what to knit with it…

2 thoughts on “Yeeehaaaw!

  1. I hope you have a great trip. It sounds fun & I bet your family are counting the hours until you touch down.You might be able to get that house if a buyer comes through on yours quickly so don’t give up hope.Catch up when you get back!

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