How do I love thee…

Oh Calgary – how do I love thee. Let me count the ways:
Your clear blue skies. Boy oh boy I haven't seen blue sky like this in AGES
Your clean air. No black snot. Oh how my lungs love thee too.
Fabulous dog shops. Seriously. What choice. What variety!
Your cowboy capitalist community spirit. Where else does one find people in jeans, cowboy boots and stetsons strolling through Williams Sonoma after helping out at the local free chuckwagon breakfast?
The Rockies. Proximity. Views. Ahhhh.
Free car parks. Lots and lots of them. For parking. No trying to squeeze a mini car into a minier space. Wide loads abound.
Your wonderful hot dry summers! Hot days, cool nights. Breezes that smell of sun roasted wood. Bliss!

Apologies to EBBrowning for a butchered rendition of her poem.

First day home has been busy – spent all morning shopping for western wear (my mom is throwing an East meets West engagement party on Saturday… must look the part). Got a pink cowboy hat, some cool boots that are super comfy. I nixed the cowboy shirt idea. So did david – though he did get himself some sexy boots (man they are HOT!) and a great cowboy hat. Straw, since it is ike 30 degrees out, and a trad stetson sitting on your head would stew your brain. Hit Banana Republic for some easy work clothes, and then met up with Lauren and Steve and their adorable pugs Winston & Zelda. Very cool meeting them, as initially met through blogging, and had seen pics of them, their living room and garden so actually seeing it all in the flesh was a real trip. Lauren is off to Vancouver to start a fab new chapter of her life with Steve and the little ones – safe travels! 🙂

Had 15 minutes to stop off in a dog shop called Healthy Hounds – got a couple pressies for Max and Deuce. Will need to go back. Boy are the collars and leads nice!

Finally finished plying up my Yarn Yard merino – pinks and green – did most of it on the plane. A lot of people spent time watching me ply on the plane (with a drop spindle – it took a good 5 hours, I don't recommend it unless you have serious time to kill). A lady who spoke a language I could not figure out was really interested – I tried to motion knitting and I think she understood. She picked up my knit shrug and pointed at it then proceeded to fold it up for me. A chap waiting for the loo asked me about the spindle, then surprised me by saying – "combing, that's the same as carding right?"

Apparently a couple was really interested in our flat – but no news today so perhaps they decided against it.

Tomorrow my mom's engagement party. 56 guests. David and I doing the winetasting bit – we are going to the local wine store and asking for a cheat sheet!! The weather demands a good rose… hopefully they will have some nice stuff for chillin' and swillin'.

2 thoughts on “How do I love thee…

  1. I’m jealous. I’m jealous that you’re home and I’m not. And I’m jealous that I won’t get to participate in the wine tasting and the karaoke. Singing on the balcony with a microphone! HOW COOL IS THAT!!

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