Stampedin’ and karaoke-in’

My mom throws a wicked party! She had valet parking, a chef to take
care of the bbq, a bartender to make sure we were all well watered, a
microphone/speaker set up, and performers! A friend's 15 year old
daughter sung a few songs for us – her voice was amazing and though a
little shy she performed wonderfully. A young guzheng player who is a
virtuoso – she is Vicky my occasional teacher's best student. And
finally, Vicky's 9 year old daughter was good enough to dance for us.
She's been taking Irish dance (like in Riverdance) for the past year –
and got dressed up in her dancing kit and did some Irish jig for us.
She had on a little dress, and a curly black wig. Sort of shirley
temple curls, only tighter. They bounced as she jigged. So sweet. She
really stole the show! The party was like a scene out of 'this is your
life'. Face after familiar face streamed through the door – all these
people are friends of my parents, and many of them I haven't seen for
decades, literally. It was really nice to catch up with many of them,
and a shock to realise that the little kids I used to babysit and teach
(I had a kindergarten class at our local chinese school) were now
university graduates! The translation to my own aging still hasn't
sunk in (nor do I expect it to). 😉

My mom also surprised me by bringing in a birthday cake to wish me a
belated birthday. It was really all very touching and such a lovely

Jenny we karaoke'd after dinner – and we missed you! There were a few
enthusiastic warblers – david even took the mike for a rendition of tom
jone's delilah.

It is hot here. Really hot. Yesterday the high was 35 degrees.
Thankfully it cools right down around midnight so sleeping is very
pleasant. Today was hot too – but not quite as hot. Only 29. David &
I went to the stampede and watched the rodeo finals. Growing up I
always thought stampede was a bit of a bore, but coming back to it
actually I am finding it really fascinating, and a really nice event.
A largescale fair but with an amazing spirit of fun. Everyone really
is extremely friendly. Makes Calgary really feel like atown rather
than a city. Am clearly very seduced by it all!


B – for you:


We watched a lot of bucking broncos, bareback rodeo, barrel racing and
some bull riding. Pretty amazing stuff.

We wandered around the stampede grounds and checked out the rides and
the games – and of course had the obligatory cotton candy.


All in all a fab day.

We finished up by meeting up with my friend Alice, and caught the Harry Potter movie. Pretty cool. Can't wait for the next book! I am
convinced Snape is a good egg despite himself.

Tomorrow – off to Banff Springs to check out the venue. And just to
drink in the Rockies.

I finished plying and skeining my Yarn Yard roving – am so happy with
the results. I carried round the skein all morning, so I could touch it
and gaze at it. It's imperfect, it's uneven, and I love it! Have
started on my planter roving now. I will have to get a solid colour to ply it with this time!



J- your chiengora yarn could become reality if this keeps up! And a few piccies to finish off with from Cumbria, from our walk around Buttermere

Deuce – too cool for school! With the doggles the vets recommended to keep his buggy eyes safe


The boys playing


Deuce chasing Max


4 thoughts on “Stampedin’ and karaoke-in’

  1. Alice, I love your coffee cups from Illy. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get some. They are gorgeous. As for your party, sounds lovely. Give my love to your mom!

  2. The yarn is fantastic. The green really lifts the pink, doesn’t it?I’m knitting mine at the moment and it is sooooo soft. I’m making it into a neck cowl to keep me cosy in the winter when I’m out with my dogs.

  3. Your hand spun is beautiful – as is Deuce in his doggles – although the name still makes me giggle.PS I have the other skein of Planter with some lime to ply it with – great minds and all that…

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