Hiho Silver!

Some photos from yesterday

Ok now this one surprised me. I don’t really see this side of Calgary much (well, at all). Disposal Unit for Needles is what it says on the top of it. Found it as we were walking up to 17th, only a few blocks away from my high school.

David at DevonshireDevonian Gardens [Jenny you are right! Have been in England too long…] – these are gardens at the top of an office building/shopping mall. A few of the buildings downtown surrounding 8th Avenue have shopping malls on the bottom three floors, and then offices in the floors above. This particular one has a green house built into the third floor which is a great place to have lunch when it is -30 degrees out!

Cowboy cops! This blew my mind. They make me think of Johnny Cash. Should have a banjo tucked into their belts there alongside their guns. Oh and a lasso and some chaps!!

The Calgary Tower is iconic of Calgary – it sticks out in the skyline (in fact, all of downtown sticks out as the rest of calgary is flat as a chuckwagon breakfast pancake). It was built in 1967 using a continual pour of concrete which took 24 ddays to finish. 39 feet in an hour. Wowsers. The structure was designed to withstand the elements (climate, high winds, shock, etc.) and was the first in the Western provinces designed to withstand earthquakes (um, even though Calgary doesn’t get them). On a windy day the Tower can, and will, sway up to 16.5 centimetres or 7.5 inches and can withstand winds up to 161 km/hr. Neat-o.

Photo of the pour

Of the top of the tower

You can see the tower in the calgary skyline on the left of the photo.

Eek! This is the glass platform at the calgary tower. You can see the red bit of the top of the tower below my feet.

View of Calgary from the tower.

Calgary’s +15 – these are walkways 15 feet above ground which connect pretty much the whole of downtown. They are great as it means you can enter a building from one end of downtown and maneovre your way to your building of choice without having to go outside. Very useful in the dead of winter when more than 2 minutes outside will freeze exposed skin.

3 thoughts on “Hiho Silver!

  1. Caught up on your blog today. Love all the photos – especially the one of Deuce with his goggles. I thought that it was the Devonian (spelling?) Gardens and not the Devonshire Gardens? Thanks for the history lesson of the Calgary Tower. I had no idea.

  2. Oooooh that glass floor is a bit unnerving. Minneapolis doesn’t have that, but it does have skyways. Nice in the winter here, too!

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