Chez moi

Back in Blighty, after a very easy flight home. I sat down and there
was a screaming baby, but on second glance he turned out to be actually laughing/shrieking. As soon as the flight took off, little Oliver (the happy screaming baby) was sound asleep, and very shortly after so was I.

We arrived bang on time, but flew around Heathrow for about half an hour before we were allowed to land. There have been heavy storms here, with flooding. Lightening hit our plane and the pilot announced it was nothing to be concerned about. We landed but then sat on the
runway for 2 hours waiting for an opening to park. We arrived home
about 5pm, having left Heathrow at 330 and having arrived at Heathrow
(in the air) at noon. We drove through some flooded areas where the
waters came up to the top of the car tires. There are loads of areas
of London that have been flooded. See photos on also on
http:\ Our neighbours' flats were also flooded – we came
home and were very lucky that our flat was not. Our drainage system is
slightly different to theirs so that might have made a difference.

On Wednesday David & I went to Heritage Park, a park near my mom's
house overlooking the reservoir and housing historical buildings which
were moved to the Park rather than be demolished. All the buildings
come from around Alberta so it was really neat to see where they
originated from, as many were places we knew and had visited. Alice is
from Vulcan (Live Long, and Prosper) and the ice cream parlour had
stood in Vulcan high street and was moved to Heritage Park when they
wanted to demolish it.

Vulcan ice cream parlour on the right

The train station

The steam train

Laura Ingles is that you?

More kids – not sure why there were dressed this way… maybe a summer camp thing, or maybe just child labour.

There was an old bakery, lumber mill,
dentist's, bank, snooker house, post office, hotel, as well as
residential homes both grand and modest. Very Little House on the
Prairie and a nice place to spend an afternoon. It could have been
very Disney but again thankfully is not.

I did feel for the staff there
– they are required to wear period dress and though these are charming,
in 32 degree heat a long sleeved top and wool dress are not ideal!

The train conductor

We took a short trip on the steam train

View of the reservoir

Inside of the train carriage

More of the main street

Old letters at the post office

It is set up as if it was a working town (albeit with a small amusement
area and with everything all condensed into a smaller area), with a steam train! we wandered around poking into whatever building took our fancy. In each
building is an appropriately dressed historical person who tells you
what the building is for how it was used, when it was built. We
wandered into an old bank and a chap with a pocket watch and bowler hat
told us that they used to only employ single men because women could
not be trusted with money, and because the men had to live above the
bank, taking turns to look through a slot in the floor at the safe
below to ensure no one was trying to break into it! Security alarm,
wild west style!

We went to my friend Thea & Kevin's new place for dinner – they had
central cooling which was such a luxury in the heat. We had a
delicious thai meatball pasta and got to hang out with their little
ones (Elora is 3.5 years and Owen is 1.5). She has another on the way,
due in December. We caught up with Sylvia and Jason, Alice's sister
and brother in law. Jason has turned me onto Facebook – which is way
cool. I've already caught up with two old friends – one from high
school and one from uni. The one from uni is a Calgary cop – so I have
asked him about the cowboy hats!

Thursday we had lunch with my Uncle Kai and then pootled around until
it was time to go to th
e airport. One last vietnamese meal at Bagolac
(which was yummy!) and we were off to the airport.

I am also totally excited about the Harry Potter book coming out
tonight – I went and reserved one this afternoon as soon as we got home
and we are now biding our time until midnight to go around the corner
and pick it up. Cannot wait!

As for Deuce – his walker took him to the vet on Wednesday (again?!?)
and he was diagnosed with a mild case of kennel cough. Sheesh. So he's
been on antibiotics and benalyn (a human cough medicine) since then.
He seems fine – he's only sneezed once since we've been home so is
already on the mend. After a short walk and a lot of cuddles and
playing, he's conked out on the couch snoozing away.

It's good to be home!

Oh and in knitting news – I came home to a package! my Sundara Yarns Petal Collection for June. Very pretty!

Saw this in Calgary on a truck – could not resist!

4 thoughts on “Chez moi

  1. facebook, hun? I was thinking of joining as well. Actually, I’ve already joined and made a profile (I think the only info is my name and McGill Unversity), but I think I may become more serious as almost everyone is on facebook nowadays!

  2. Welcome back! I’m glad to hear your flat wasn’t flooded – I did think of you yesterday. Heritage Park looks beautiful!!

  3. Hi! Glad to hear you’re back. Weren’t we meant to see each other today? Oh dear…I leave on Thursday so let’s speak. x

  4. hello miss malice:hey just read your blog. had a great time when you guys were here. too short though..blah.the other alice

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