Finally managed to finish up all the boring legalese for the online
store – man is that stuff boring! There are so many legal obligations
and things that you have to tell your customers… having said that,
whenever I buy anything I never read the fine print! Does anyone
really read that stuff? Sigh. I have a third of the site stuff
done. I now have to get photos of the yarn done, descriptions of all
my suppliers, descriptions and qualities of the various things I will
stock – I need to look at needles. I have some cool beautiful stuff,
but for everyday knitting? I would stock Knit Picks if only I
could…. but second best I feel has got to be Addi lace. Anyone else
have any thoughts on this?

I signed up for Natalie's Spinning Club at the Yarn Yard. I am loving
her colours and am looking forward to the start of it. I also signed
up for Lucky Lurkers sock club at A Swell Yarn Shop. My my this
addition of mine is growing…

I spoke to my mom today – she says that even thinking about all the
stuff I'm doing makes her tired. I'm planning to launch my online
store mid September (have I told you the name yet? hee hee you'll
need to wait just a wee bit longer!), we are trying to move, and we
are also trying to plan a wedding! Today we decided that we will
probably let the move slide and take the place off the market in a
couple of weeks. It has gotten quite quiet and frankly, we just don't
have the time! Wedding wise, we are changing the date. I am torn
between 12 July and 26 July. I want to bring Deuce. Is that crazy?
Maybe. But leaving him for a month, well it is just too long! Got a
great wedding guide book – boy alot of ritual stuff I never knew the
significance of. Will be fun! I want the boys to all wear top hats,
but that will probably be a little OTT.

Deuce is being a total sweetheart. I don't think Emma his blond
walker gives him quite the walks Cleone does. Both days he has come
home from Cleone's totally knackered. He's lying on the floor snoring

6 thoughts on “Argh!

  1. I’m getting so excited about your online store!!!Probably don’t have much advise on needles that you don’t already know… it’s a shame you can’t stock Knit Picks as I love their DPNs! Otherwise I use Brittany.If you do choose 26th July it’s one year today!!

  2. My dream sock needles are Crystal Palace bamboo. They do them in the elusive 15cm 2.25mm which are perfect for me – you just can’t get them here and you can never have too many…

  3. Welcome back to London!It’s exciting about your shop, isn’t it? I can’t wait to buy things from you!! 🙂 Also, I loved seeing your photos of Calgary. I only went once when I was ten but I loved it! (We stayed a ways away near Banff, in Kananaskis…I loved it!)Anyway, I’m very homesick…how often do you visit your home?

  4. Oh, and erm…I really like Addi DPNs, they’re lightweight, but pointy…Then again, I don’t really have a favourite. I’m looking for something with good pointy tips that are made of metal. I really like the new tips on the Addi Lace needles…and if I got on with Magic Loop I think I’d use those…Um…I like pointy tips, and not too short. I’ve not tried the shorter needles, but I usually knit with 20cm…I like to bump them against my thighs to scoot the stitches along and I don’t get on with magic loop or two circs cos the needle bit of a circ is too short for me.

  5. oooh exciting, I hope all my techno babble was useful. If you need any more help let me know (free seo for a little discount 😉

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