After alot of here and there, we are going full steam ahead with a winter wedding. Fur stole here i come!! 8 March is the date, and i checked out hotels in banff. £70 a night for a room with two queens – not bad eh? Looking forward to making arrangements – dog sledding, skiing, trips up sulphur mountain – not sure the glacier will be so exciting in the winter… we’ll see.

Meanwhile we went for a second viewing on a flat near the Thames. It’s in a tucked away corner, but near a marina AND the best thing is that there is a river taxi that takes me to blackfriars in 30 minutes! how cool is that. David and I did a test run today after work – it is nice and uncrowded – and best of all, there is a small bar in the boat. Beer on the thames cruising home? oh yes!

Tonight went to see the simpson’s movie- it was funny. Like an episode funny only longer. It isn’t as clever as the series, but enjoyable nonetheless.

OH and good news – we got an offer on the flat!!! We counteroffered and the lady is going away to talk to her brokers and hopefully come back next week. Fingers and toes crossed pleased…

I also asked B and M to be my chief bridesmaids… so we can get things rolling. Looking forward to trying on zillions of shoes! Red platform stilletos – here I come! (just kidding).

And can I say? Facebook ROCKS. I have found 2 friends from highschool, and a few from uni. One is actually a Calgary cop!! Everytime I think about that I can’t help laughing. Not that he wouldn’t make a great cop – I can’t think of anyone I know who would fill those shoes better. It’s just I remember him strolling through campus, too cool for school, nodding but never smiling, when saying hello to his mates. Soft and tough all in one. I wouldn’t want to be a bad guy meeting him in the streets! I am going to see if he’ll give me & David a ride in his cop cruiser!! I want to tear around town with the sirens blazing!

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