Sunday in the Park

Or not… Sunday working at home. I needed to catch up on the business stuff this weekend, and am pleased with what I’ve achieved. My designer sent me a mock up of the website on Friday, which I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with. It just seemed so … so… straight out of the tin if you know what I mean. I hope he was just showing me the structure… anyways, I spent most of Friday night sketching out ideas and how I want the site to work, and click through for the user, and have come up with something I quite like. I just hope my designer can work with the rough sketch I sent him! Yesterday I finally got around to opening my boxes of yarn (I couldn’t really open them until I had storage to put them in!). My oh my so pretty.

Box of treasure

Doesn’t this make you want to knit?



Deuce helping out

I just stood and stared. Now of course we have yarn everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And more coming!!! Aiya. But man, the yarn I’ve got is so lovely…. Arianne – I tried to find your John B colourway for Cherry Tree Hill- I couldn’t find it. Can you send me a picture? Or maybe I can tempt you with some other colours… of which I have many! ahahahahahha (wild crazy laughter of the yarn obsessed..). My next two orders are cool too – one is a super super SUPER soft yarn, which I think is going to be truly covetable. The other one has such a beautiful handpainting technique that the colours are like shadow and light playing on the yarn. Okay enough gaga about yarn now…

Today I decided to do the accounts for the company, and catch up on my budget and forecasts. I gave myself a heart attack when I couldn’t figure out the numbers and thought I had dug myself into a hole. My goodness. Well, it was only because I am seriously numerically challenged. David came home and sorted it all out for me – still on track, still in budget. Phew! Lesson learnt – let David do the numbers!!!

Sat night we met up with K and Max for some dinner along the Thames. We went to a Thai place in the new development down in Fulham by the river, Imperial Wharf. That place is massive. The river front is actually really lovely, and very relaxed. It feels a world away from London. They let us sit by the patio, inside, with the dogs lying outside, but next to our table. They even brought bowls of water for them. The food was really fabulous.

Tonight David is roasting a rib of beef… it smells divine. Can’t wait to dig in.

Thanks for your comments on our wedding! Am very excited now!

And of course in knitting news…. my sockapalooza socks… have stalled! I realised on Saturday that I had started the increases one pattern repeat to early. So i have to rip back a good two inches. ARGH. SO… since I’ve been so good and gotten the following off my to do list: Website sketch, organising and logging receipts, updating accounts, paying bills, organising and auditing yarns received, chasing up orders, that this evening can be spent watching a movie and frogging and knitting my final sock.

And I still haven’t managed to finish my Yarn Yard planter roving… it is sitting in the corner eyeing me balefully… but I cannot indulge until my sock is done! soon soon, my precioussssss

4 thoughts on “Sunday in the Park

  1. Good lordy, you nearly made me do something wholly unprofessional right at my desk. That looks incredible. …You know, if you need anyone to help you sort that all out…you just let me know.

  2. I needs must go SWIMMING in that yarn!Um…and sorry for confusing you. “John B.” is a colour in Claudia’s handpainted yarns…not in Cherry Tree Hill. I’m a doofus. But do you have “Northern Lights” and “Quarry Hill” in CTH? Cos I need those. 🙂 NEED.I had a great time tonight!! Can’t wait for the shop opening so I can give you all my money! 😉

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