Raffle exchange, fairies and barbies…

First things first – Knitters & Spinners! I am compiling a wish list of items for the shop for future phases, and would love to have your input. Send me an email with things you wish you could buy here in the UK, and of UK/European artisans that you think are the cat’s meow. Also can you send me forums/podcasts/mags you visit/listen/read regularly. In return, you will get a complementary raffle ticket (one per person) for the prize draws at the opening launch! Please send your responses in an email to missmalice AT mac DOT com. Emms – please can you send me the people and things you mentioned on Wed – I should have written it all down as now i have forgotten all but one!

Friday night david & I went to E&O in notting hill with Melissa & Luke. Nice place, though I hate that you can never get a booth (have to be a party of 6 or Prince Andrew or the like). Still food was lovely, had a nice riesling kabinett with the pseudo japanese (more like pan asian) which stood up well to the strong salt sweet flavours. Had a few too many to drink so left the car and hitched a ride with Lukola.

Saturday morning… back to the vets. Deuce’s eye started to go all white around the edges again, sure sign of an infection. Poor guy. I’m starting to get a bit desperate – maybe I can get a feng shui person round to see if it isn’t something in the Qi around him – he’s healthy and happy otherwise. Just so many little illnesses, non stop, without rhyme or reason. Maybe this is what it is to have pets? Anyways, thank god it wasn’t another scratch, just an infection – possibly allergies, possibly from the lungs where it seems to be originating. Little guy might have another cold. Bleh. So another round of drops 4 times a day for the next 5 days.

Last night David took me to see Midsummer’s Night Dream in Kensington Palace. It was performed outside in the gardens, with a couple actors taking on dual roles (the guy who played the duke also played Oberon, and the guy who played Demetrius also played Bottom the guy who gets turned into an ass). Bottom/Demetrius was very funny – he reminded me of Zach Braff (Scrubs) in his physical expression. I really enjoyed it and we laughed and laughed. Puck was played by a young woman with a northern accent which fit perfectly with the delinquint Lost Boys kind of character. Walked home through the almost pitch black of the park. A perfect night for it – the day was hot and sunny, night was slightly breezy but still warm. A guy in the loo line must have been affected by all the fairy love potion – during the interval tried to chat up the girl in front of him. Turns out she had eyes for someone else! Seems like Puck was having a bit of fun with the audience as well.

Today another glorious summer’s day. Given that these lately have been few and far between we are taking advantage of it by heading out to David’s friend’s place near Henley and having a nice afternoon BBQ.

And now – 3 hours before am due to head out to finish my spreadsheet detailing everything that goes into the website. Eek. I totally have a new level of respect and admiration for those with online stores – man oh man the amount of organisational work involved! Am trying to make sure stuff we plan is organised in such a way that it can be easily scalable – up (hopefully!), or down if need be. Have had such kind offers of help – thanks particularly to Yoshimi and Blueadt re photography & optimisation. You guys are awesome!

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