ooooohhh Pressies!

I was in such a rush to thank my sockapalooza pal I did not do her justice in my first go at posting, nor dear Jane, who gave me a very cool award. So I have rewritten my post properly!!

Firstly, thanks Jane! Love the award, very funky!!

It is only proper that I pass on the accolade to the following Rocking Girl Bloggers:

For Karen my most awesome Sockapalooza 4 secret pal. I got a beautifully wrapped parcel in the post today – containing one pair of beautiful handpainted 100% merino MONKEY socks! Oh you are so right we have great taste! πŸ™‚ They are gorgeous and fit soooo perfectly. So comfy. The colour is mesmerizing, a deep red, with subtle variations. Thank you sock pal – you are the bestest ever! Karen lives in North Carolina and sent along some post cards of Duke uni chapel, and of North Carolina Central University. And she packed some North Caroline moravian ginger thins which are deelicious along with the sockies. It’s dark out now so I will wait til the weekend to take piccies so I can do them justice. Ahhhh so lovely!

For Laura as she is truly a rocker chick (seriously – her husband is really a rocker!).

Emms because her blog never fails to make me laugh. In a good way. Honestly who else finds stories about crackwhore horses. And because this woman is a veritable font of knitterly knowledge.

Blueadt and Yoshimi Knits are the final awardees – Blueadt because she blogs about knitting, life and her four legged friends (that is a rocker if you ever saw one). And Yoshimi because she was the first knitting blogger I met (and because with her tech savvy, we are going to rule the internet!!!!) πŸ˜‰

You all rock!

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