Busy bees (but not like Emperor Commodus in Gladiator)

Wow times flies. Friday night david made a lovely dinner (lemon sole on pureed peas and bacon) then I met had some pampering and had a facial at Kat’s spa. David met me later and we went out for a drink at Trailer Happiness.

Saturday David and I ran around like crazy monkeys doing errands. We are determined to sell the flat and want it looking its best. Saturday we looked for cusions (ah yes, the soft touches..) but couldn’t find any we liked. We pilgrimaged to TK Maxx in Hammersmith – interesting place. We’d been looking at these blankets for the bed at Habitat. £200!! TK Maxx – lovely brown and cream (ok polyester, not silk, but it’s still shiny!). £50. Next stop Homebase. Nice Calanthea plant to satisfy both the stager and the fengshui lady, little bonzai and some paint. Sunday I had a lovely afternoon hanging out with B and Melissa and the little muffin. She was great, very helpful carrying around our shopping. She is good at running and giggling! Made friends with neighbouring kids and alarmed a woman who thought we might be tormenting her by putting her shoes on the wrong feet. She didn’t seem convinced when we said Sophia put them on herself that way… Amazingly Sophia remembered Deuce and said as soon as she saw me – goggie!

Monday back to work, went to John Lewis in the evening and FINALLY found some cushions to tart up the sofa and the bed (also to match the tk maxx bargain blanket). We then traipsed up to Ikea in the later evenign (seeing as they close at midnight) to get some much needed lighting and four dining chairs. The place does look very nice now, decluttered, and more homey. Deuce and David are bonding – just now David put him over his lap for a little snuggle!

Had another viewing today – an 18 year old chap whose dad wants to buy him a flat near his college. Lucky guy.

Socktopus is still swimming along nicely. Tissue paper and bags are in the works, tags and cards coming from my designer, and the coders are doing a nice job (I think!). At least they are nice to me, so I assume they are doing a good job. I found an amazing stitch marker supplier – man you are going to love these! Another one which I think is just the sweetest of sweet. Got some Goknit bags… eek! I have a few things I need getting done before DD and I go off to Alsace on Saturday… at least now the flat is less a tip and looking pretty ace. More storage for my yarns!

Check out updates at http://www.socktopus.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Busy bees (but not like Emperor Commodus in Gladiator)

  1. Yes, I’d like to see some piccies of your home makeover, too!And I had to laugh when you called your blanket a “bargain blanket” because there’s NO WAY 50 British pounds (sorry, can’t make the funny L symbol on my keyboard) for a blanket is a bargain in my books!

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