Lmizzle! Welcome back! 🙂

Welcome backs to B&Paul from Canadada, Blueadt from fossil hunting and knitting galore, to Emms back from hanging out in Oslo and being super cool.

Some photos for you:

Firstly of my gorgeous sockapalooza socks. I didn’t do them at all justice. They truly are beautiful and also fit perfectly. See?

Like a glove. Er… sock.

And the neat-o Bullseye heel. I will have to ask Pinkacrylique to show me how!

And some gratuitous shots of Deuce – his latest is standing up on his hind legs trying to see what’s on the table:

He can smell the cheese, but can’t quite see it.

Looking naughty.

Just a bit too short my friend.

3 thoughts on “Piccies

  1. I think I might start to knit. Suddenly, it seems like a lot of people who are young and hip are knitting! Well, I’m mulling it over right now. Merino wool is ideal for running – much better than synthetic technical fibers – and the thought of making my own socks and maybe even running jerseys is quite appealing! But you make knitting socks look very easy, so I may get discouraged when I actually do pick up the needles!And about Deuce, I think he looks like quite a handsome muscular pug! There are a lot of pugs around our house here, and I feel that they are terribly overweight – rolly polly but not in a fun way if you know what I mean.

  2. How frustrating for the poor little fellow – now – if someone were to invent doggles with built in periscope I amd sure he would be first in the queue!

  3. I think I need to find out how to do that heel! Those look great, what pattern is it?Thanks for the welcome back and sorry I didn’t make it last night. I completely wussed out and bowed to the cold. Stupid cold. I do have a pretty gnarly cough today though (and I’m at work), so maybe it’s good that I didn’t.

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