We sat for Max last night as Kat had to go to Finland for business- spent the night at Kat’s by the river. Nice vibe down there, very chilled. Kat came back today and we had dinner at the pub by the river again – Deuce performed his Houdini trick and managed to unclip his harness. We were chatting and looked over to see a little black pug, naked (no harness or collar) trotting away. Thank goodness he isn’t a runner! No idea how he managed to free himself of his harness – no opposable thumbs and all!

Emms – the sock is Monkey (ahhh I so need to knit these) with a bullseye heel. I will ask pinkacrylique how she did it. It is beautiful, no?

Jenny – yes! You should learn to knit. Like B says – it’s the new Rock & Roll! And what better way to learn than for a good cause!

Since 2003, every year knitters up and down the country we have been making little woolly hats for Innocent smoothies to raise funds for Age Concern to support older people in the winter months. Almost 25,000 older people died of cold-related illnesses last winter, so, for a limited period only, these dinky little woolly hats will sit on the top of innocent smoothie bottles in Sainsbury’s and for each hat-wearing smoothie sold, innocent and Sainsbury’s will donate 50p to Age Concern. Year by year we have been receiving more and more hats and last year we were overwhelmed when 230,000 came flooding in. This equated to £115,000 to help keep older people warm when it’s cold outside. So my dears – shall we start to knit? Read more here.

Make over piccies, as promised. I only have a before for the living room and the kitchen counter – but have afters for the bedroom and bathroom. Can you spot the difference? Better yet – can you spot IKEA? 🙂

Living Room Before & After

Dining Before (see above) & After

Kitchen Before & After

Bathroom After

Bedroom After

Deuce – as always!!

2 thoughts on “Houdini

  1. Alice, It looks great – I like the mirror in the living room. But the biggest change is obviously your bedroom. Wow! Hats off to the home stager…

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