Pitbull update

Ahh it makes sense now. Front page news this morning- an 18 month girl died as a result of a pitbull attack in epernay. So the minister of the interior demands that legislation is brought in to ban them. So stupid. So many tragedies could be averted if, as Yoshimi points out, owners were licensed and they bore responsibility for the dogs actions instead of having the knee jerk reaction of destroying the dog. Symptoms eradicated- but cause? Idiot just gets him/herself another dog- mastiff, rottie, german shepherd… And the banned list grows ever longer.

2 thoughts on “Pitbull update

  1. How could anyone confuse little deuce for a pit bull! Silliness. The flat looks good — lots of good chi! – Catie and Giz

  2. Hmmm…I’m afraid I might be the dissenting voice here. However, based on my year of living with a Giant Schnauser (Sp?), I have a slightly different perspective. Rufus was loved, though not well trained. Problem was: he seemed to have been influenced by generations of his ancestors who were trained as attack dogs. He was programmed, basically, to go after strangers. And at 120 pounds or so, he was pretty scary when he did (and he did it regularly). The truth is, even though it may well be at root a man-made problem, I do think some of these breeds are inherently unpredictable around people. And, yes, certain types of owners make the problem worse, but years of breeding have accentuated aggressiveness in certain breeds. (That, thankfully, excludes pugs!)

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