Will the real Pitbull please stand up?

I did a bit of trawling about pit bulls after yesterday’s case of mistaken identity. It is really sad actually – the whole media frenzy about them has, not surprisingly, left alot of pitbulls in shelters. Pitbulls were banned in Ontario but lucky Neville has made a new home for himself as a POLICEDOG.

And here is a photo of a pit bull:

I think if you ignored the head and imagined a fairy sprinkled shrinking dust all over it then I can just about see Deuce being a pit bull. But the nose. I think one of a pugs most distinctive traits (besides their snorting snurfling sounds) is the lack of snout.

And i found some some great positive press about them – straight from wikipedia (with footnotes so not made up!)

-Often pit bulls have been reported to “adopt” other species of animals (such as kittens or squirrels), which some attribute to the breed nickname, “nanny dog”.[66] It is more widely accepted that the breed nickname, “nanny dog” comes from Pit Bull type dogs innate love and tolerance of children. Though, no dog should ever be trusted alone with children.

-A rescued pit bull called Popsicle is a United States Customs dog, and is famous for sniffing out one of the biggest cocaine busts in history. [67]

-In February 2007 a pit bull named “Chief” rescued his family of humans from a spitting cobra by dashing in front of the attacking snake and taking the deadly bite himself. Chief subdued the snake but died of the venom 30 minutes later. [69]

-In April 2007, columnist John Canzano of The Oregonian newspaper wrote a favorable piece on Hollywood, the pit bull that formerly belonged to NBA player Qyntel Woods. [70] Hollywood, renamed Stella, was adopted by a loving owner and reformed from a fighting dog to a lap dog.

2 thoughts on “Will the real Pitbull please stand up?

  1. It’s so sad that dogs with a naturally excitable temperament, like pit bulls, are banned, mainly because the people who keep them either train them to be attack dogs, or because irresponsible owners have no idea how to control them. Let’s face it, nothing is scarier then a badly trained German Shepard! Here’s to dog licences I say. BTW Is it possible they were confusing Deuce with a Bull dog, thinking that was the same as a pitbull? silly people!

  2. I so agree with Yoshimi, it is very sad. How could anyone possibly get a pug confused with a pit bull??? Pugs are probably the least threatening-looking dogs out there.

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