D minus One

Well, it’s that time of day. One more day to launch. Am I ready? Not really. Am I excited? Oh yes!

There are alot of bits and bobs that probably won’t get sorted for tomorrow, but there are a lot that will be so I’m not really going to stress too much. Funny, there is so much to sort out, that i’ve got to take a view on whether to seriously blow a papajohn or not, and well, most of the time, the question is – am I going to die in a ditch? is anyone else? and if the answer is no, well then. Moving on to the next thing to hand….I might get all angsty, it doesn’t last long because the next thing comes up and I’ve got to sort that out. So all in all very good. It’s good to be busy cause the little things just don’t get to bother me that much. Bigger fish to fry.

Ah yes. As Melissa says, it doesn’t rain but pour! We went to see our solicitor on Tuesday morning, and signed the contracts. Our seller’s stinky estate agent has been harrassing us and threatening us, so we had a stroppy call with them this morning. Again the lots of things on my plate is good, as normally i’d fume the morning away, but after the call, it took about 10 minutes and I was okay again. Anyways good news – we were about to exchange tonight, but alas the other side’s solicitors went home at 10 to 5, so no luck. Tomorrow will really be the Day!

Am looking forward to the party, and looking forward to getting all the great yarns and thing out there. Should be fabulous fun. Will update with piccies!!

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